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20 Nights of HORROR


20 Nights of HORROR

Get ready for Halloween with some of our favorite horror movies! Stop by to watch and don’t hesitate – grab a Monarchy girl to cuddle, strip down or get frisky!

The Monarchy is bringing you 20 Nights of Horror!  Every night we will be playing a horror movie that we welcome all of our VIPs & Elites to.  PLUS an open access showing every Sunday!  So come by, grab the popcorn as we get cozy at The Monarchy’s camp site and watch a scary movie!  Feel free to cuddle up with one of the sexy Monarchy girls, strip her down, or get frisky during the movie… we won’t blame you.  And no one will shush the moans.

Click here to TP. Use the TP pad and select “Movie” as your destination.  All movies will be shown on a screen in world.  Details on preparing below.

Yes, we realize we miscounted.  Technically 21 days of horror so we threw some comedy in there!

Here’s the lineup! If there is not time – time is to be determined. Check back or like us on Facebook oooor join our group in world for updates!

Pre-warm up night – Tue, October 10th – Frankenstein

Wednesday, October 11th 8pm- “It”
Thursday, October 12th 8pm- “It Comes at Night”
Friday, October 13th – 8pm “Friday, The 13th” (Obviously)
Saturday, October 14th – “XX”
Sunday, October 15th – “The Darkness”
Monday, October 16th – “Don’t Breathe”
Tuesday, October 17th – “What Happened to Monday”
Wednesday, October 18th – “The Belko Experiment”
Thursday, October 19th – “Incarnate”
Friday, October 20th – “Girl w/ All The Gifts”
Saturday, October 21st – “Shut In”
Sunday, October 22nd – “Blair Witch”
Monday, October 23rd- “Lights Out”
Tuesday, October 24th(Comedy) – “Ghostbusters”
Wednesday, October 25th- “The Purge: Election Year”
Thursday, October 26th- “Insidious Chapter 3”
Friday, October 27th- “Amityville: The Awakening”
Saturday, October 28th- “The Witch”
Sunday, October 29th- “World War Z”
Monday, October 30th- “Night of the Living Dead 1968”
Tuesday, October 31- “The Conjuring 2”

Happy Halloween!

Feel free to stop by early to ensure your media settings are all up to date and that you are able to view the movies.  You will need to have media enabled.

Keep in mind… there will be no IT team to get you set up.  We will have absolutely no idea why you can’t see the film if you’re having trouble.

If you have trouble the following may be helpful:

Or try this –


In your computer, you will need these three plugins:

1.1 – Quicktime plugin:

1.2 – Flash plugin for Mozilla-Firefox*, also known as the flash non IE Browsers:
By using Mozilla-Firefox webbrowser in RL:
Direct links (if you do not have Mozilla-Firefox):
flash 32 bits –
flash 64 bits –
Remember to make sure that these plugins are updated, please restart your Second Life Viewer after installing them.
Flash for IE, Chrome, Safari are “NOT” compatible with Second Life itself. Lacking this plugin in particular will cause the appearance of a “blue cube with a question mark”
type of error onscreen.

1.3 – Silverlight:

1.4 – Viewers:
All official / third party approved viewers are compatible with our televisions, but we do not support “non – third party approved viewers”, this doesn´t imply that these
viewers won´t work with the TV. Official list:

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