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Currently Hiring – What to Know

Hiring Dancers & Strippers


Currently Hiring – What to Know

Positions open for dancers, escorts and hosts. Here are some details for what we’re looking for.

Current Open Positions – Dancers (sirens) & Escorts (Playmates)

We have 2 positions available at The Monarchy however, no matter your experience level, every new girl at The Monarchy spends at least one week as “Eye Candy.” The Eye Candy role is strictly a dancing/training role unless you’re brave enough to take the Emote Test which will give you the possibility to offer full services as Siren or Playmate while you’re in your training phase. Otherwise – Eye Candy is very limited.

The time spend as Eye Candy is giving you time to work, familiarize yourself with the club before committing.  It is a time for both you and the management team to determine if this is a right fit and if this is the team you’d like to be a part of. Some girls will spend the time as Eye Candy training some girls have plenty of experience and will spend the week getting accustomed to the club and learning about The Monarchy culture.

Why this is mandatory here. The Monarchy is not fit for every girl in SL. Everything about the way we operate, how we engage with clients and our reasons for doing what we do is catered to a very specific kind of girl.  We are the girls who are genuinely excited by what we do, where the bonds we create with clients are very real, and we love the business side of it all.  You’ll notice a lot of Monarchy girls are also bloggers, store owners, seriously established writers, event planners, models, etc.  We are the girls who enjoy both the pleasure and the analytical side of things.  Most of us are naturally entrepreneurial, we like marking our progress, we enjoy creating a brand for ourselves. That plus fulfilled our need for exhibitionism, voyeurism, dominance and all of the kinks we have swimming in these bodies of ours…. lady boner!!! We’re not the girls afraid of putting ourselves out there. We’re bold women, we’re intellectuals, we’re submissive and dominant, insanely naughty and not shy about showing it off.

If this sounds like you join us! Yes, we love a good party and yes we love to work.  If you cannot find a reason to dance/escort beyond wanting L, because yes, we make plenty of it… our clients are not stingy with their wallets… but if there’s no interest beyond that or if you don’t enjoy putting in work on and off the pole this isn’t the club for you.  If it does not sound fun, reconsider because for the rest of us, this is what we enjoy.

But if it sounds good! See next page for requirements.

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