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Currently Hiring – What to Know

Hiring Dancers & Strippers


Currently Hiring – What to Know

Positions open for dancers, escorts and hosts. Here are some details for what we’re looking for.



  • Appearance – You MUST have a high quality avatar to work here. Mesh body and head required. High quality, detailed skin required. We cater to an exotic bombshell look. We’re not looking for extremely petite avatars (please height yourself to the pink thing in the hiring loft, your head should be a little bit beyond that limit). We take preference to girls with some curves and a height/size that compliments our build and furniture. We prefer avatars who look like sexy women, the baby girl look is not our focus.


  • Emoting ability (Escorts – Experience Required. Dancers – All experience levels accepted. We will train inexperienced dancers)


  • Ability to maintain a client list – networking in and out of the club and building solid relationships.


  • Personality – you have to be able to keep a conversation going, you should be energetic and easy to get a long with.


  • Sensuality – you should inspire a high level of arousal!


  •  Work Time – You should be able to work at least 3 sets a week (5 hours per week)


If this still sounds like fun and you think this is the environment for you, then follow the next steps:

  1. Visit our Hiring Loft
  2. Grab one application and fill it out
  3. Join the Hiring Group DO NOT join the VIP Group – that doesn’t offer you one spot @ The Monarchy!
  4. Send your app to the Pink Mail or directly to amyalka.
  5. You’ll receive an answer in about 24/48 hours, so please be patience!



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