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Ready to begin your journey as a Monarchy Playmate or Siren? You are in the right place!

A few quick notes about working at The Monarchy before we begin:

  • All new hires begin as “Eye Candy” – this is a role to give you time to get to know our club and for us to get to know you.  Management is 100% confident recommending girls to clients and to do so we need to get to know you a little.  You will spend no less than 2 full weeks as Eye Candy to prepare you for your permanent role, no matter your experience level. During your Eye Candy time any training necessary will be completed, you will begin getting to know our VIP group, building your client list, and deciding on your services and rates.  During this time, you will also be restricted to limited service – ie dancing only, for at least your first week/s.
  • We are an independent environment. Of course you are to use our VIP group and clients in club as a resource but you are also expected to develop and maintain your own client list. We send constant tips and training on how to do so.


All hiring inquiries should be directed to Amyalka Resident via notecard.

Once you have filled out this application Amy will contact you for an interview. You must also join – The Monarchy Hiring Group – In-World.

Click here to teleport to the hiring office.


  • Appearance –
    • Mesh head required
    • Mesh body required
    • Mesh hands/feet required
    • Mesh clothing required
    • High quality, detailed skin & makeup required
  • Emoting- you will be required to emote, basic emoting skills required. Training available for advanced emoting but you should be able to emote on, at least, a basic level prior to applying.
  • Personality – you should be upbeat and energetic, we should get a sense of this during your interview. You should also be able to keep a conversation going and easy to connect with. This is a job where you need to be outgoing.  We’re are not able to accept anyone too shy to lead a conversation. You should be able to hold a conversation without the use of excessive slang, abbreviations, or gestures.
  • Sensuality – of course, you should inspire a high level of arousal and be completely excited by what we do -ie interests in exhibitionism, financial domination, voyeurism, etc

We are a familial competitive environment.  We are all about a team mentality, support your teammates, working together to produce results that benefit us all.  We also have lots of incentives for high performance, contest and rewards.  We work together with our entire team to plan fun events, ensure our VIPs are 100% satisfied and share the best methods to succeed.

We are looking for self starters who take pride in what they do, consider themselves upscale and take themselves seriously as entertainers.  You should enjoy the business side of it as much as the play side.


Siren – Dancer – (no sex, escorting)

Playmate – Dancer & full escort

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