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When I took the letter, Eav said, “Lam, the district commander calls you to meet him at Tuol Trach village in Tuol Snuol subdistrict, 500 meters from Chamkar Leu village” (which is where I lived). Then I opened the letter. It was an invitation, like Eav had explained. I went down from the house to go to Tuol Trach. Before I had gotten far from the house, Eav arrested me and tied my arms behind my back, and blindfolded me. Eav led me all the way to Tuol Trach. When I got there, Eav untied me and took off the blindfold, but put me in leg shackles.

Sang, my former interrogator, told us that Angkar was releasing us to go back to our families. I was so ecstatic, I fainted dead away. My friends carried me out of the prison. When I got home my wife told me that from the day I left home to the day I returned, three months and ten days had passed. Ya Team Author’s interview with Ya Team, male, age 66, at Saoy 1 village, Peus 1 subdistrict, Kroch Chhmar district, 7 January 2001. One day during 1974, I was riding a bicycle from my house in Saoy village to visit my parents in the neighboring village of Ampil.

I thought I would surely die if I went through another beating, as my body had taken all it could. One day I saw a guard take my brother-in-law, El Sen, out for interrogation. After some time, they carried him back in with welts and marks all over his body and bruises on his face. When it grew quiet, he told me that the security men beat him during questioning and squeezed his face in a vise, a big one, like the kind of vise used to press sugar palm. His face was almost broken. Hearing this, I really got scared.

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