New PDF release: A Hat Full of Sky: The Continuing Adventures of Tiffany

By Terry Pratchett

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The Heroine: Tiffany Aching, incipient witch and cheese maker extraordinaire. as soon as stored international from Queen of the Elves. is set to find that fighting evil monarchs is kid's play in comparison to mortal wrestle with a Hiver (see below). At 11 years outdated, is boldest heroine ever to have faced the Forces of Darkness whereas armed with a frying pan. The possibility: A Hiver, insidious disembodied presence interested in robust magic. hugely risky, usually deadly. can't be stopped with iron or hearth. Its objective: Tiffany Aching (see above). The Nac Mac Feegle: A.k.a. the Wee unfastened males. top: six inches. colour: blue. Famed for ingesting, stealing, and struggling with. Will assault something better than themselves. participants contain: Rob anyone, Daft Wullie, and highly Wee Billy Bigchin. Allies to Tiffany Aching (see above). The ebook: Hilarious, breathtaking, spine-tingling sequel to the acclaimed Wee loose males. the writer: Terry Pratchett, celebrated author of the the world over best-selling Discworld sequence. Carnegie Medalist and author extraordinaire.

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Doors opened. Harnesses jingled. Horses steamed. The spaniel sat up and wagged its tail hopefully. The pressure went—no, it fled. Beside Tiffany, Miss Tick pulled out a handkerchief and started to wipe egg off her dress. The rest of the shamble had disappeared into a pocket with remarkable speed. 52 She smiled at Tiffany but kept the smile as she spoke, making herself look slightly mad. Tiffany felt in no state to do anything but sit still; she felt like you feel when you wake up after a nightmare.

There’s . . something . ” said Miss Tick very quietly. 51 Panic gripped Tiffany. Sunlight reflected off the white dust of the road and the stone wall opposite. Bees hummed between the little yellow flowers that grew on top of the wall. By Tiffany’s feet the spaniel snorted and farted occasionally. But it was all wrong. She could feel the pressure bearing down on her, pushing at her, pushing at the landscape, squeezing it under the bright light of day. Miss Tick and her cradle of threads were motionless beside her, frozen in the moment of bright horror.

To be honest,Tiffany had felt a bit out of place, being ten times as tall as the next tallest person there, but she’d been treated very well, and Rob Anybody had made a long speech about her, calling her “our fine big wee young hag” before falling face-first into the pudding. Traditionally, both the bride and the groom should jump over the broomstick, but equally traditionally, no self-respecting Feegle would be sober on his wedding day. She’d been warned that it would be a good 24 idea to leave then, because of the traditional fight between the bride’s clan and the groom’s clan, which could take until Friday.

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