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By Charles Van Doren

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A one-voume connection with the heritage of principles that could be a compendium of every thing that humankind has inspiration, invented, created, thought of, and perfected from the start of civilization into the twenty-first century. mammoth in its scope, and but completely obtainable, A background of data covers not just all of the nice theories and discoveries of the human race, but in addition explores the social stipulations, political climates, and person women and men of genius that introduced principles to fruition all through history.
"Crystal transparent and concise...Explains how humankind bought to grasp what it knows."
Clifton Fadiman
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There was something about simple arithmetic that seems to have escaped, even baffied them. Tire Greek Explosion Tj ust one. The second began in Europe four or five centuries ago and is still HERE HAVE BEEN two knowledge explosions in human history, not going on. The first began in Greece during the sixth century BC. The Greek explosion also had a long life. Like ours, it spread quickly and finally affected the entire known world. Like ours, it commenced with the discovery of a new communications device and a new method for acquiring knowledge, continued with the help of striking advances in mathematics, and culminated in revolutionary theories.

The older work was primarily historical; the letters o f Paul are primarily theological. Paul was a Jew, but he was also very much a Greek in his thought. The infusion into Christianity of Greek theological subtlety and speculation characterized Christianity for the next two thousand years and differentiated Christianity from Judaism. The historical Jesus was probably a member of a sect of Jews called Essenes, who were themselves more mystical and theological than many previous Jewish groups. Most of the sayings ofJesus are parables, giving rise to heady and speculative interpretation by sixty generations of subse­ quent thinkers.

Islam Born in Mecca around 570 AD, Muhammad had lost his father before he was born and his grandfather when he was eight. This double orphaning left him without a male protector and guide in the masculine-oriented society of medieval Arabia. A lesser man would probably have faded away into a historical nonentity. But Muhammad had managed, by the time he died in Medina in 632, not only to found a new religion and to unite all the Arabs of Arabia into one nation, but also to inspire a fervor that would, within twenty years of his death, lead his followers to conquer most of the Byzantine and Persian empires and, within a hundred years, to create a land empire rivaling in size and organization the Roman empire at its greatest.

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