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By Mira Ariel

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Gaining access to Noun-Phrase Antecedents bargains an intensive shift within the research of discourse anaphora, from a in basic terms pragmatic account to a cognitive account, when it comes to processing techniques. Mira Ariel defines referring expressions as markers signalling the measure of Accessibility in reminiscence of the antecedent. The idea of Accessibility is explicitly outlined, the an important components being the Salience of the antecedent, and the cohesion among the antecedent and the anaphor.
This research yields an excellent array of latest effects. the correct distribution of referring expressions in real discourse is at once estimated. a number of universals of anaphoric kin are acknowledged. therefore, even if now not all languages unavoidably have an analogous markers, and nor do they assign them exactly the related functionality, Ariel indicates that all of them obey a similar Accessibility marking hierarchy.
This e-book may be obligatory examining for someone with an curiosity within the semantics and pragmatics of referring expressions, within the interplay of semantics and pragmatics, and extra usually within the interplay among peripheral and relevant cognitive platforms.

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He contrasts names with definite descriptions on the one hand, and with deictic expressions on the other. Whereas definite descriptions specify the referents’ characteristics, proper names do not. But, unlike deictics, proper names are assumed to be context-independent. We use proper names to refer while avoiding the problem of agreeing with our addressee on the proper description of the referent, but we do still assume that the addressee shares with us that the referent has certain properties.

Haaretz, 14 May 1985, translated from Hebrew) The italicized his, it turns out, refers to Heim, not to Sobul, even though Sobul is the better candidate for being the discourse topic, as introduced by the first sentence of the paragraph. Native speakers I have consulted take longer to determine the correct antecedent of this pronoun. The complete paragraph has 24 Introduction to be read before Heim can be established as the referent. Saliency, however, is crucial for non-topics as well. The following experiment performed by Anderson (as quoted in Sanford and Garrod 1981), though unrelated to anaphoric poss­ ibilities, clearly shows that any prominence of a potential antece­ dent raises its chances of being referred to later.

18). If a speaker assesses that the proposi­ tion containing the antecedent is closed, she uses a full NP. Thus, while Li and Thompson consider the degree of conjoinability as predicting the plausibility of zero /p ro n o u n occur­ rences in Chinese, Fox makes much the same point about pronoun / full NP distribution in English. The specific markers, however, need not concern us here. The im portant point is that the nature of the connection between the clause containing the anaphor and the clause containing its ante­ cedent plays a role in the speaker’s assessment of the degree of Accessibility of an entity.

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