Algebraic Groups and Number Theory by Vladimir Platonov, Andrei Rapinchuk, Rachel Rowen PDF

By Vladimir Platonov, Andrei Rapinchuk, Rachel Rowen

ISBN-10: 0125581807

ISBN-13: 9780125581806

This milestone paintings at the mathematics thought of linear algebraic teams is now to be had in English for the 1st time. Algebraic teams and quantity idea presents the 1st systematic exposition in mathematical literature of the junction of staff idea, algebraic geometry, and quantity thought. The exposition of the subject is outfitted on a synthesis of tools from algebraic geometry, quantity thought, research, and topology, and the result's a scientific assessment ofalmost all the significant result of the mathematics idea of algebraic teams acquired to this point.

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Restriction of scalars has two noteworthy arithmetic properties. Let LIK be an extension of an algebraic number field and let v E VK. 3. The Lie algebra of an algebraic group. e. for any two points gl, g2 E G the translation map x t+ g2g;1x is a morphism of G as an algebraic variety, sending gl to g2. , G is a smooth variety. ) The tangent space T,(G) of G at the identity is called the Lie algebra L(G) of G. Clearly dim L(G) = dimG. If G c GLn(R) then L(G) c Mn(R) = L(GL,(R)), and the Lie bracket is given by the standard formula [X,Y] = XY - YX.

Moreover 11 -+ B(II) defines a bijection between the systems of simple roots in R and the Borel subgroups of G containing T. Thus, a given Borel subgroup B c G uniquely determines some system II of simple roots, and one can choose an ordering V+ in V such that R? = R n V + . Associated with a root system R we have the Weyl group of R, written W = W(R) (Bourbaki [4]), generated by the set S of reflections with respect to the simple roots a E II. Moreover, the pair (W, S ) is a Coxeter group (cf.

A is trivial. In fact, the normal basis theorem (cf. Lang [3, p. 2291) implies that L is an induced 3-module, and therefore H i ( 3 , L) = 1 for all i 2 1, by Shapiro's Lemma. For an arbitrary unipotent K-group U the proof is by induction on dim U. 8, we can find a normal K-subgroup W C U isomorphic to (6,. Then the exact sequence is also the identity map. Therefore, to prove the proposition it suffices to prove that n, is injective. n, can be put into an exact cohomological sequence arising from the exact sequence 1 -+ U + G + H + 1.

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