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By H. Rider Haggard

ISBN-10: 1594569878

ISBN-13: 9781594569876

ISBN-10: 1598189441

ISBN-13: 9781598189445

In King Solomon's Mines, Haggard introduces the reader to Allan Quatermain, now some of the most recognized literary event characters. moment within the sequence, this e-book, Allan Quatermain, maintains the tale of this bold guy and chronicles in first individual (and via correspondence from a few of his fictitious partners) his adventures in Africa. considered one of many fictional characters upon which one other such individual, Indiana Jones, is predicated, Quatermain is however a humble guy. via his personal definition, he's an ". . . 'Adventurer' -- he that is going out to satisfy no matter what might come. good, that's what all of us do on the earth a technique or one other . . ."

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When dinner was over we lit our pipes, and Sir Henry proceeded to give our host a description of our journey up here, over which he looked very grave. 'It is evident to me,' he said, 'that those rascally Masai are following you, and I am very thankful that you have reached this house in safety. I do not think that they will dare to attack you here. It is unfortunate, though, that nearly all my men have gone down to the coast with ivory and goods. There are two hundred of them in the caravan, and the consequence is that I have not more than twenty men available for defensive purposes in case they should attack us.

On reaching the height at which the first fern-shaped boughs sprang from the bole, we stepped without any difficulty upon a platform made of boards, nailed from one bough to another, and large enough to accommodate a dozen people. As for the view, it was simply glorious. In every direction the bush rolled away in great billows for miles and miles, as far as the glass would show, only here and there broken by the brighter green of patches of cultivation, or by the glittering surface of lakes. To the northwest, Kenia reared his mighty head, and we could trace the Tana river curling like a silver snake almost from his feet, and far away beyond us towards the ocean.

Good! ' 6 Here Mr Mackenzie gave a groan, as he greatly valued this herd of cattle, which he bred with much care and trouble. 'So, save for the cattle, thou mayst go free; more especially,' he added frankly, glancing at the wall, 'as this place would be a difficult one to take. But as to these men it is otherwise; we have followed them for nights and days, and must kill them. Were we to return to our kraal without having done so, all the girls would make a mock of us. So, however troublesome it may be, they must die.

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