T.C. And Kurt Benirschke Hsu's An Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes: Volume 1 PDF

By T.C. And Kurt Benirschke Hsu

ISBN-10: 1461564220

ISBN-13: 9781461564225

ISBN-10: 1468479938

ISBN-13: 9781468479935

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II II ,. ,. ~ ~~ .. ~ • ,. 'I" . ,. , II I --"t' '~ •• , • 'I-. ~' .. *' al • .. - ..

113: 275, 1963. : Idiogram of the rat (Rattus norvegicus) and reliability in identification of individual chromosomes. Folia Bio1ogica 10:75, 1964. , Dunn, K. : leukemic rats. Blood ~:564, 1964. , Nakamura, A. ) collected in Kusudomari and Misima. Chromosoma 16:70, 1965. J. : Sex chromatin and idiograms from rats exhibiting anomalies of the reproductive organs. Anat. Rec. 153:85, 1965. D. : Use of the Y chromosome in the Wistar/ Furth rat as a cellular marker. Proc. Soc. Exp. Bio1. Med. 119:370, 1965.

The Y chromosome is morphologically unique. The specimens were originally donated by Dr. M. A. Bender, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA. Cell lines (d,Don; 9,Dede) derived from lung cultures were used. They are available at the American Type Culture Collection. K. ' Observations on the chromosomes of Chinese hamster cells in tissue culture. J. Nat. Cancer Inst. ~:393, 1958. A. : Spontaneous and X-ray-induced somatic chromosome aberrations in the Chinese hamster. Intern. J.

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