New PDF release: Antarctica and the Arctic Circle: A Geographic Encyclopedia

ISBN-10: 1610693922

ISBN-13: 9781610693929

This one-stop reference is an ideal source for somebody attracted to the North and South Poles, no matter if their curiosity pertains to background, flora and fauna, or the geography of those areas within the information today.

• 2 volumes

• Introduces average phenomena and natural world discovered on the North and South Pole regions

• Discusses present issues relating to weather switch and its influence at the polar regions

• Furnishes scholars with an figuring out of territorial claims and political concerns surrounding the North and South Poles

• contains cross-references to let readers to attract connections among topics

• deals additional readings on the finish of every access in addition to a advisor to similar themes to stimulate pupil examine

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Accessed July 15, 2013. Selzer-McKenzie, D. ‰ YouTube video. Uploaded February 5, 2012. ‰ Lecture by Thomas Jung, Professor, Climate Sciences. Sponsored by the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research. YouTube. ICD Channel (Institute for Cultural Diplomacy). Published by ICD on April 19, 2013. v=UGJCzmPpWoI. Accessed January 1, 2014. Amundsen, Roald Engebrecht Gravning (1872–1928) During his lifetime, Amundsen was the first European explorer to successfully navigate the Northwest and Northeast Passages.

The Fox dialect (sometimes called „Unalaskan‰) is spoken in the Eastern Aleutian, Pribilof, Fox, and Shumagin island areas. The Atkan dialect is spoken on the Bering and Atka Islands. The Attuan dialect is extinct. Sailing and Navigation The Aleuts are widely known for their sailing and navigation abilities and utilized two types of skin boats: a baidarka and a baidara. A baidarka is a small one or a two-person boat made from sea lion skin similar to an Eskimo/Inuit kayak but more aerodynamic. ) long.

Larter, and K. Gohl. ‰ Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems 8 (2007): Q100009. , D. Wingham, and E. Rignot. ‰ Geophysical Research Letters 31, no. 23 (2004): L23402. Antarctic Circle On January 17, 1773, the ships Resolution and Adventure, under the command of James Cook, are credited with being the first vessels to cross the Antarctic Circle. In a strict definition, the Antarctic Circle is the area south of 66° 33′ 44″ latitude. 2 million sq. km) of the earth. 3 million sq. km). The thickness of Antarctic ice averages about 8,850 ft.

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Antarctica and the Arctic Circle: A Geographic Encyclopedia of the Earth's Polar Regions

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