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By C. Heald, A. C. K. Smith (auth.)

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Are zero. The values of I::. 1 kJo at 650 K. Cp is independent of temperature. Cp is usually obtained from published molar heat capacity data at 298 K. H"'"at 650 K. 10 Applications of thermochemical measurements Thermochemical investigations have played an important role in the study of chemical bonding and of intermolecular forces. U for the vaporisation of water, for example, is about 38 kJ mol-1 and this is clearly a measure of the strength of the intermolecular attractions in liquid water that must be overcome when the molecules separate on vaporisation.

2 in place of the van der Waals equation. 56 MN m- 2 and 556 K respectively. 17. 69 at the autoclave pressure. 6 MN m- 2 for the autoclave pressure. This second estimate of P can be used, in a manner identical to the above, to obtain a second and more accurate estimate of z and hence a third estimate of P. 1 MN m - 2 , which is not detectably different from values obtained in the 6th and subsequent cycles. 9 This example illustrates the procedure that can be used when it is desired to calculate the temperature of a gas.

IS are often used to determine the van der Waals coefficients a and b from the observed critical constants. 6 The law of corresponding states It will be appreciated that real gases, unlike ideal gases, do not obey the same equation of states; each real gas obeying the van der Waals equation has values of a and b differing from those of any other gas and there is thus not just one van der Waals equation, but as many such equations as there are substances. The values of a and b vary from one gas to another because the intensities of attractive and repulsive forces vary and it would appear reasonable to suppose that if two gases were compared in corresponding states, that is states in which the intermolecular forces were similar, exactly the same equation would apply to both.

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