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By Tope Omoniyi

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This publication is a collection through exclusive language reasearchers focussing at the so much well known theoretical framework on language and sociology of faith.

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The Markazi Masjid, the second most important mosque in Mauritius, endorses the Deobandi theology. Language serves as a fundamental means of separating these theological groups (Eisenlohr 2006). The Ahle-Sunnah are associated with Urdu and the Deobandis with Arabic. Each group claims that their respective language is the language of MMs. The Ahle-Sunnah followers view the Indian subcontinent as ‘a site of Muslim life and Islamic authenticity’ and support the study of Urdu ‘as the “Islamic culture” of Mauritians of Indian origin’ (Eisenlohr 2006: 402).

Most of the changes we have been tracing can be attributed to accommodation to the changing sociolinguistic ecology in which Jews lived. It was accommodation to the Gentile co-territorial language that added a new variety and influenced the internal Jewish variety. But the stable element generally remained the use of Hebrew for prayer and Hebrew and Aramaic for study. com - licensed to Universitetsbiblioteket i Tromsoe - PalgraveConnect - 2011-03-05 Bernard Spolsky The Sociology of Language and Religion this a result of language management undertaken by and on behalf of Jewish religious institutions?

Together the Hindus and Muslims make up the Indo-Mauritian group. While the terms ‘Hindus’ and ‘Muslims’ refer to religious groups, the term ‘Indo-Mauritians’ refers to a racial group. This Indo-Mauritian group makes up the largest segment of the population. There is a discrepancy between official and actual categorizations. The way in which identity is constructed in everyday life in Mauritius is more complex than suggested by the official records. For instance, in real life, the official Hindu group (52 per cent) is divided into Hindus (40 per cent) and also Tamils (7 per cent), Telugus (3 per cent) and Marathis (2 per cent).

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