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Who are the Elites?

Monarchy Elites are our club’s higher spenders. Big ballers. High rollers… what ever you want to call them. They are the most Elite members in the club from spending habits to overall behavior.

How to be an Elite?

If you have accumulated $ 40,000 L tips, you can be nominated by any Monarchy Girl you like. Your $ 40,000 L initial will give you 3-month Elite Membership and afterwards you need to spend $ 15,000 L to maintain it every month. You can also purchase the Elite Membership directly to Meela.

What are the perks of being an Elite?

  • The title Monarchy Elite for a full month
  • Unlimited access to the Champagne room
  • Unlimited access to the beach to live in the mansion, have your dates there, hang out by the waves, the pools, camp out, play tennis, etc… all with your favorite girls…and hey totally clothing optional.
  • Free event hosting – if you’ve got a special day coming up we’ll host for ya! Hopefully your birthday is coming up soon.. but great for birthdays, bachelor parties, i want to feel special Wednesday.
  • Of course personal invites to all of our Elite only events coming up.. And there are lots and they are RAUNCHY. We haven’t gotten this naughty in a long time. We’re talking orgies, masked events, live sex shows, etc.

How to check if your entitled to be an Elite?

You can directly inquire to Meela Vanderbuilt to check if you reach the Elite Status.

How to access Elite Beach and Mansion sim?

You can use our teleporter pads to get inside into the beach. You can also use the official SLurl when your in the sim to get there directly without using the teleport pads.

Official SLurl:

Take Note: SLurl and LM can only be used while on the sim. If off sim and clicking the slurl it will bring you to landing where you will need to click again to get to the beach.


E L I T E   M A N S I O N   &   B E A C H   G U I D E


Elite Beach Layout 


Elite Mansion Level 1 Layout 


Elite Mansion Level 2 Layout 


E L I T E   S E R V I C E S 

Who are entitled to give elite services?

Monarchy Girls that earned at least $20,000 in all time tips and have been working at the Monarchy for at least 2 weeks.


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