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Denied Application – FAQ

Thanks for your interest in working at The Monarchy.  We make a promise to our VIPs for a certain level of quality, talent, writing ability and authenticity and look for a very specific package with all of our girls.  If you are confused as to why you were denied, read the most common reasons below.

If you have further inquiries contact LanaReynolds Resident via notecard only.  Please note, do not contact Lana requesting to reapply.  If you think you made a mistake, feel free to reapply.  Please only contact Lana after you have read this page.

Before the interview

VIP Group

The VIP group states that if you are applying you should NOT join the group.  We offer previews, there are instructions on how to get one and we can also offer a full preview at the time of your interview.  The group has several owners and we are not going to issue refunds for anyone who cannot follow instructions.  While we’re happy you’re excited to work here, joining this group prematurely is not a good look on your overall application.  We add our staff free of charge.  If you were a member before you decided to apply, of course we do not hold that against you.Following instructions is important to us.  There are certain customs we go by in the club and if we believe you are not capable of following instructions it can damage your chances of getting hired.


We are a text focused, emoting club.  You have an undetermined amount of time to write a quality emote on your application.  No one is timing you.  There is no pressure.  There is no client sitting there waiting.  This should be strong.  You had plenty of time.  If your emote was weak – short, not descriptive, containing any typos we will not hire you under any circumstances.  Depending on the strength of the rest of your application and interview, we may consider training you in emoting but if you do not have a basic strength for writing we will not consider it.

Our clients have high expectations on your creativity and writing ability.  If you are not able to write something impressive under no pressure, we are not confident that you will be able to write a strong emote in a club full of other women writing paragraphs quickly, standing in front of a client eager to see what you have to say and not willing to wait an extended time to get it out.

This is a reality.  You need to be able to emote well, make it insanely sensual and feeling-inducing and do it quickly without sacrificing quality.  The job is not easy.  If you did not take your application emote seriously we cannot possibly believe you will take the job seriously.


You must have a high quality avatar to work here. You must have a mesh head, full mesh body – including hands and feet, a high quality detailed skin, high quality eyes, hair and clothing.  Yes, we know… sounds expensive.  You need to make an investment in this career choice.  If you’re not there yet, spend some time working on it.  Earn money prior to applying elsewhere if you need to.

This is outlined in the application as well.  If you submitted an application and do not meet these requirements it also suggests you may not be paying much attention to instructions.

Missing Application Components

If anything is missing from your application – blank responses for required questions, missing a photo we may deny.

After the Interview


This is the biggest.  We need girls who are confident, outgoing, relateable, fun to have a conversation with.  You also need to very clearly have an interest in sex.  You’d be surprised how many people do not mention they enjoy sex when asked why they want to be an escort.  We promise our clients authenticity.  If you want this job solely for the money, The Monarchy is not the best fit.  We are looking for girls with a high sex drive, who have a kink related to what we do.  If you can’t convince us of this.  We’re not confident you could convince a client.  This is one of the #1 reasons we say no.  It doesn’t matter if you look amazing, emote well… if you don’t have the outlook we are looking for, it won’t matter.

We’re also looking for girls we truly believe are going to strive in our environment.  Do we think you’ll appeal to our current demand, do we think you’ll be a team player, do we think you’ll be able to follow rules.  These are all crucial aspects on whether or not this club is the right fit.

None of these are personal.  We’re not saying you need to change.  We’re saying this is what we’re looking for in our club.  There are loads of gorgeous avatars in SL.  Tons that apply.  We cannot hire them all so we hire the girls that are best for our club.

Remember, this is a business.  This is not personal.  You may do extremely well elsewhere and we hope you do.  We work hard to ensure each and every girl here is successful.  We need to determine if we’re able to do that with you in this environment.  No single aspect matters as much as the whole.  If you’re gorgeous and you’re mad we denied you because you’re gorgeous, that itself is an indication of why we denied you.

We have a 3 step evaluation on who we hire.  We will not believe we made a mistake.  If you think you may have misrepresented yourself, you are welcomed to re-apply if you have been respectful, of course.

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