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Hiring @ The Monarchy

Along the way we’ve had many girls asking questions about our hiring process and what we’re looking for, and because of that I’ve created this page which will answer a lot of your questions before applying @The Monarchy and what our expectations are.

The Monarchy is a different club than what you’re going to find on Second Life, we’re always looking for quality instead of quantity because here @The Monarchy you’re going to find The Perfection.

The Monarchy is a member’s only club and is aimed at providing an elite experience and because of that we’re looking for what we’re calling The Perfect Monarchy Girl.

You can find full info on what The Perfect Monarchy Girl by clicking this link The Perfect Monarchy Girl, on that page is included the full info on what we’re looking for when hiring.

If everything sounds great and you’d like to be part of our team then you can stop by our Hiring Loft and apply today!

If you’re curious about the process we have before and after you apply @The Monarchy please click the following link Hiring at The Monarchy.


If you’ve still got questions or concerns please contact amyalka the Staff Manager who will guide you through your whole process!


Enjoy the day and can’t wait to meet you and have you in our team,


Monarchy Radio



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