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Visit us any time inworld. You will typically find girls in the club, if not don’t fret! You can contact us from our boards at landing, keep an eye on VIP group chat, we’ll always let you know when we are in and of course, visit us during parties/weekly events!

Upon entering, you may see girls on platforms, in cages, on swings or on poles… possibly even dancing in front of a mirror, standing in a doll case or behind a bar.  Get to chatting and once you’ve found your favorite(s) request private time or get somewhere comfortable for some sexy entertainment. “$200L – begins your entertainment” is essentially how you chose the girl you’d like to spend time with.

If you’re curious about all the services a girl has to offer, feel free to check out her board at landing or ask for her card directly. Each girl has a full list of services and rates and plenty of ideas how to make your visit enjoyable if you’re not sure exactly where you’d like to start.

Visit our Services page to learn about some of the options available but remember, these are your fantasies to play out!

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