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Lana Reynolds

Alias – Meela Vanderbuilt
Monarchy Owner & Mistress


Interests – domination, exhibitionism, voyuerism, ownership, the art of seduction

Interests outside of the club – surfing, writing, building, make up shopping

Typical Hours – I live here! Usually find me before 10pm SLT.

How to Connect – I’m not quick to respond to IMs so feel free to meet me in the club and say hello! I only escort for those on my client lists, same for domination, must be on my client list. I give them all of my attention. I only dance for those in my group. More info in world, click on my board at landing! Due to time constraints, there are no exceptions for this.

What Drives Me Wild – I’m very into making your knees weak. I love being your everything and more than you could have ever desired. I love exploring new fantasies and tapping into what your deepest desires are, focused on leaving you satisfied with every encounter. I very much like structure and powerplay. All of my role play, whether domination or not, has some sort of royal undertones, hence “The Monarchy.” I am a Queen who likes to play with her King/Queens and one who also likes to be submitted to.

You’ll realize I develop strong bonds with my clients. These are the only relationships I have in SL and I thoroughly enjoy it.  I am not the one for a quick hook up. I like a sacrifice, I like a commitment and I love enjoy learning more and more what drives you mad.



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