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Meela Vanderbuilt


Hey! I’m Meela, the owner of The Monarchy. Welcome to my world.



What Drives Me Wild

I’m very into making your knees weak. I love being your everything and more than you could have ever desired. I love exploring new fantasies and tapping into what your deepest desires are, focused on leaving you satisfied with every encounter. I very much like structure and powerplay. All of my role play, whether domination or not, has some sort of royal undertones, hence “The Monarchy.” I am a Queen who likes to play with her King/Queens and one who also likes to be submitted to.

You’ll realize I develop strong bonds with my clients. These are the only relationships I have in SL and I thoroughly enjoy it.  I am not the one for a quick hook up. I like a sacrifice, I like a commitment and I love enjoy learning more and more what drives you mad.

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Meela Vanderbuilt

Monarchy Mistress

Hey! I’m Meela Vanderbuilt, The Monarchy’s owner. ^.^

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