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Update Video – January 2020

Here are a couple things I left out: When you see someone IM dance group, it isn't about "backing off," if the client is...

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Holiday Hangover – A Party To Remember

The Monarchy celebrating the holiday season and the new year with an epic day of partying.  8 hours of partying, 3 DJs, thousands of...

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The time has come! Today is the day for our PJs & BJs Pajama Party! Your girls will be in pajamas all day and...

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New Video – The Sleepover – Juicy

You don't want to miss our juicy new video featuring Pandora Vanderbuilt & Akira Foxx and you definitely don't want to miss an opportunity...

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November 6th Update

Hey Ladies! Been a while since our last update video.  Here's one for December! Be sure to hit the little tool icon to watch in...

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Meela Vanderbuilt

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Hey! I’m Meela Vanderbuilt, The Monarchy’s owner. ^.^

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