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Kharma Killmaow



Kharma Killmaow


••About Me••

Monarchy Playmate
Scorpio – Artist – Writer


My mind contains a vast wonderland of potent descriptions and vivid literary imagery. If you want all the juicy details for an immersive escort experience, we should chat. I like to consult with my clients prior to the actual session in order to really make sure I understand their wants/needs.


Fantasy indulgence is my specialty. I’m not afraid to push limits and explore beyond. If you’ve got special requests, unusual ideas or tastes… I’m your girl. I do love a challenge and i’m always eager to try something new.


I like soft, fluffy and plushy things.
If it’s cute and I can squeeze it, I need to have it.
This is non-negotiable.




Escort, Dancer, Companion, Domme

Accepting Clients?



How to Connect

Message me on SL or Facebook!

Typical Hours

4pm – 12am SLT


Art, Music, Dance, Fashion, Writing and Reading

What Drives Me Wild

Specific Fetish/Kinks I have experience with?


Neko – Pet-play, Cat-girl, interspecies.

Foot Fetish – Shoes/barefoot, Dirty/clean, Stepping/Crushing, etc.

DD/lg – Lolita/Princess/Babygirl (18+)

BDSM – Experienced Domme as well as a formally trained submissive. Both in RL and online.

Predator/prey – One of my favorite little subsets, the primal hunter and the hunted. Chase down and conquer. 

Futa/herm – Female in RL but I do like to play with toys or as a herm in game. (Aeros cock) I play with any gender. (Male avatar also available at request.)

Consentual Non-consent – Self-explanatory.  (Predator/prey is similar) 

Humiliation/Degradation – My experience in this area is as a Domme only. Examples: Name calling, teasing, sissification, puppy training.


(Don’t see yours here? That doesn’t mean I can’t or won’t. Just educate me <3)


What drives me wild?

Turning you on.

No, i’m not kidding! I really do love knowing I am having an effect on you… Nothing makes me wetter then knowing how bad you want me.

See… I feed off the energy I feel, so if someone is just boiling with desire, you can bet I will be right there with them. I can’t really explain WHY I am this way. Call me empathetic or eager to please? It’s honestly the best way to get me going… seeing someone enjoying me or what I do is extremely erotic to me.

I really appreciate people who aren’t afraid to talk about what they want and express their needs and desires. The more I can understand what turns someone on, the easier it is for me to get into their mindset. This is an important tool for fantasy building.

I love to make fantasies a “reality”. Mine is to be yours.


Please don’t be shy, tell me what you want to do!
I’m open to all kinds of kink’s/scenario’s and I never judge.


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