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Kharma Killmaow



Kharma Killmaow


••About Me••

Monarchy Playmate
Scorpio – Artist – Writer


My mind contains a vast wonderland of potent descriptions and vivid literary imagery. If you want all the juicy details for an immersive escort experience, we should chat. I like to consult with my clients prior to the actual session in order to really make sure I understand their wants/needs.


Fantasy indulgence is my specialty. I’m not afraid to push limits and explore beyond. If you’ve got special requests, unusual ideas or tastes… I’m your girl. I do love a challenge and i’m always eager to try something new.


Adaptability. I am comfortable and experienced with many different types of writers and different levels of skill. Don’t let my own writing skill scare you away. I’ve learned some of the more intimate experiences are created with quick, short emote exchange. It’s all about personal preference and style. There is virtually nothing I can not work with to make sure you enjoy every moment as much as possible.


I like soft, fluffy and plushy things.
If it’s cute and I can squeeze it, I need to have it.
This is non-negotiable.




Escort, Dancer, Companion, Domme

Accepting Clients?



How to Connect

Message me on SL or Facebook!

Typical Hours

4pm – 12am SLT


Art, Music, Dance, Fashion, Writing and Reading

What Drives Me Wild

Specific Fetish/Kinks I have experience with?


Neko – Pet-play, Cat-girl, interspecies.

Foot Fetish – Shoes/barefoot, Dirty/clean, Stepping/Crushing, etc.

DD/lg – Lolita/Princess/Babygirl (18+)

BDSM – Experienced Domme as well as a formally trained submissive. Both in RL and online.

Predator/prey – One of my favorite little subsets, the primal hunter and the hunted. Chase down and conquer. 

Futa/herm – Female in RL but I do like to play with toys or as a herm in game. (Aeros cock) I play with any gender. (Male avatar also available at request.)

Consentual Non-consent – Self-explanatory.  (Predator/prey is similar) 

Humiliation/Degradation – My experience in this area is as a Domme only. Examples: Name calling, teasing, sissification, puppy training.


(Don’t see yours here? That doesn’t mean I can’t or won’t. Just educate me <3)


What drives me wild?

Turning you on.

No, i’m not kidding! I really do love knowing I am having an effect on you… Nothing makes me wetter then knowing how bad you want me.

See… I feed off the energy I feel, so if someone is just boiling with desire, you can bet I will be right there with them. I can’t really explain WHY I am this way. Call me empathetic or eager to please? It’s honestly the best way to get me going… seeing someone enjoying me or what I do is extremely erotic to me.

I really appreciate people who aren’t afraid to talk about what they want and express their needs and desires. The more I can understand what turns someone on, the easier it is for me to get into their mindset. This is an important tool for fantasy building.

I love to make fantasies a “reality”. Mine is to be yours.


Please don’t be shy, tell me what you want to do!
I’m open to all kinds of kink’s/scenario’s and I never judge.


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