Hey there! My name is Saya, and if you’re looking for a darker, perhaps more gothic side of The Monarchy, then I’m your girl~




Text roleplay with a variety of services. Please look over my rate card for more information.

Accepting Clients?




How to Connect

You can connect with me best in-world when I’m online, especially when I’m working a set. I’ll be more than happy to talk, and I love making new friends! Feel free to check my board at the Monarchy for my rates and any other information you require. You can throw me an IM if I’m online too! However I don’t accept random friend requests. Those are reserved ONLY for close friends, clients, and staff.

Typical Hours

I don’t really have a set schedule, since my time on SL tends to be kind of random (that and I’m a huge introvert). However, if I am online chances are I’ll be in the club at some point so feel free to IM me and say hello 🙂


Gaming, Manga, Anime. Cosplay

What Drives Me Wild

I love a good conversation first and foremost. As the lovely Irene Adler says in Sherlock “Brainy is the new sexy.”

I also enjoy talking about pop culture, video games and the like. However, if you know how to write well, it makes things even better. I really enjoy romantic, sensual roleplay the most, but I’m not afraid to try my more dominant side if that’s what you’re into as well.