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Dana Swindlehurst


Hello Sweethearts, I am Dana and I’m ready to make your days and nights better. I love to make people happy and enjoy a wide variety of kinks and fetishes from the lighthearted to the hard core. I’m a pansexual who finds intelligence, creativity and passion infinitely sexy.

So say hi and let me help you make your dreams come true!




text/emote, dancing, escorting, BDSM


Rate Card


♡L$ 200- You’ve caught my eye (dance)
♡L$500- Time for me to take my top off
♡L$1,000- Me in my full naked glory for you

♛ HAPPY HOUR ♛ (2PM-4PM SLT) All half-price! ^_<

♡L$ 100- Let the dancing begin
♡L$250-  Time for me to take my top off
♡L$500- Me in my full naked glory for you


♡L$800 – Clothed (30 minutes)
♡L$1,250 – Topless (30 minutes)
♡L$1,400 – Nude (30 minutes)

♡L$1,500 – A massage clothed (30 Minutes)
♡L$1,700 – Topless Massage (30 Minutes)
♡L$1,800 – Nude Massage (30 Minutes)

This is some only time for you and I ;). Just the two of us, no interruptions

♡L$1,200 – clothed (30 Minutes)
♡L$1,500 – topless (30 Minutes)
♡L$2,000 – nude (30 Minutes)


This will be our time to enjoy each others company to the best of our abilities, get to sit down and talk for an hour+. We will have the most fun! We could go for dinner, play games, watch a movie, it’s all up to you and I look forward to my day with you ♡.

♡On Sim – L$2,000/hr
♡Off Sim – L$2,500/hr

❥ Text/Emote
1 hour ~ L$5,000 (Off Sim: L$6,000)

❥ Group Sex (Threesomes/Orgies)
Base Escorting Rates as TEXT listed above.
3+somes with Monarchy girls are no additional fee to you. Each girl will be tipped her escorting rate separately.
Plus L$3,500 for each additional male
Plus L$2,500 for each non monarchy female

❥ Domination
I will push you to your limits and dominate you ♥
That may include the use of BDSM machines, physical punishment, force and pain.
1 hour ~ L$6000

❥ The Girlfriend Experience
1 week ~ L$ 20,000 (no sex) ; L$ 25,000 with sex
For one entire week you have me for yourself and i will be your willing toy, your wife, your girlfriend …. or you can be my cuckold! So many possibilities! We can negotiate our actual activities.


About me

Dana Swindlehurst


I’m a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in lingerie. I love to make people happy…however that idea might express itself. I’m a dancer and escort who can domme, sub or just play. Hard? Soft? Cold? Hot? Fast? Slow? I’m ready to explore and enjoy with you. Drop me a note and say hi, and let’s talk about how we can make your day the best ever. <3

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