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ღ Ṩɣℓvια ƊαяƙÅɴʛεℓ ღ


Hey there!
I’m Sylvia a fashion victim with a special love for sexy lingerie. I’m the typical good girl who is getting bored to be always pure and innocent. Don’t be fooled by my angelic aspect because, you know, the good girls are the naughtiest in sexual fields *winks*

My mind is always ready to create the right atmosphere to make real your deepest and secret desires. I’m a perfectionist in giving pleasure to all my hot guests: do you need to dominate me? I will be your perfect slave and my body will be ready for your orders. Do you need to be dominated? I will be the best mistress to humiliate you. Do you want a girlfriend for your party and your free time? I will be the girlfriend that everybody would like to have. Do you need a sexy dance and my body moving sensually to raise the temp? Just come to The Monarchy and I will do a naughty dance you can’t forget. Kisses




Text/emote services

What Drives Me Wild

– Intelligent conversations;
– Self confident men who knows what they want;
– Gifts, especially the luxurious ones;
– Intense foreplay, especially some good oral pleasure. I love to see the pleasure in the eyes of my special guest during a sensual blowjob/cunnilingus but i love to make you hear my moaning when your head is between my legs spread for you too *grins*;
– Add some people to our special party. More people, more pleasure *winks*.


Typical Schedule

My time zone is SLT+8 (European time zone)

Usually dancing at the club, according to my rl businesses, in these hours

– From Sunday to Friday 7-11am SLT

– Saturday from 12am-3pm

Always available to set an appointment whenever you want, according to my rl businesses.


Rate Card

♥ Rates ♥




L$200 – You have my attention and I begin dancing sinuously. Just have a seat and enjoy 😉

L$500 – Ops…the bra falls on the floor

L$1,000 – My bronzed body is not anymore hidden by clothes and I dance sensually naked.




During the hours of 2-4pm SLT the rates for stripping change and they become cheaper. Don’t lose this occasion!


L$100 – You have my attention and I begin dancing sinously. Just have a seat and enjoy 😉

L$250 – Ops…the bra falls on the floor

L$500 – My bronzed body is not anymore hidden by clothes and I dance sensually naked.


❥ Couples Dance


L$800 – Clothed (30 minutes)

L$1,250 – Ops…the bra falls on the floor (30 minutes)

L$1,400 – My bronzed body is not anymore hidden by clothes and I dance with you sensually naked (30 minutes)


❥ Private Time/Dance –


If you want me concentrated only on you (and your guests), with no interruptions.


L$1,200 – clothed (30 Minutes)

L$1,500 – Ops…the bra falls on the floor (30 Minutes)

L$1,700 – My bronzed body is not anymore hidden by clothes and I moves sensually naked  (30 Minutes)


❥ Massages/Lapdances


L$1,500 – Massage/Lapdance clothed (30 Minutes)

L$1,700 – Topless Massage/Lapdance (30 Minutes)

L$1,800 – Nude Massage/Lapdance (30 Minutes)

L$1,900 – Massage/Lapdance and, when the temp is really hot, my hand goes slowly down in your pants stroking you untill the most wonderful orgasm (40 mins)

L$2,000 Massage/Lapdance and then my lips goes down teasing you in your pants untill you will reach your orgasm after a sensual blowjob (40 mins)


❥ Escorting


Handjobs/Fingering me – L$1,500 – 30 mins

BlowJobs/Cunnilingus to me – L$1,900 – 30 mins


❥ Sex


One to one – L$4,000/hr

If you want my mama allpa open for you – L$5,000/hr


Threesome or more – L$2,500 for each additional person (if you want to add a Monarchy girl to our party you won’t pay L$2,500 but you will pay her escorting rate separately)


❥ Non Sex Dates/Role Play


The dates can include nudity. The dates include date night, night out dancing or to dinner, role play.


On Sim – L$2,000/hr

L$1,800/hr when tipping for 2+ hours if available

Off Sim – add L$500 to the previous rates


♥ Girlfriend Experience ♥


Do you want me only for you, being for a week your wife, your girlfriend, your sugar baby or whatever you want?


Non-Sex Week:


We could chat about what you want, shopping together, have party or simply we could cuddle each other on a sofa as a sweet couple.


L$ 15,000 2-3 guaranteed dates on sim 1.30 hour max

L$ 17,500 2-3 guaranteed dates on or off sim 2 hours max

L$ 20,000 2-4 guaranteed dates on or off sim 2-4 hours max, up to 1 hour chatting when not in a session per day


Sexual Week:


I will fulfill completely you lustful desires, the most naughty sexual desires too. We can intertwine our body in the sexiest wild night, feeling pleasure in the way you want.

I will spoil you with my naughtiness and you can have my body in your arms, in your bed or wherever you want.


L$ 20,000 2-3 guaranteed dates on sim 1.30 hour max

L$ 22,500 2-3 guaranteed dates on or off sim 2 hours max

L$ 30,000 2-4 guaranteed dates on or off sim 2-4 hours max, up to 1 hour chatting when not in a session per day (including naughty chat)


Add L$ 4,000 if you want, during our wild parties, my mama allpa open for you (I hope I don’t get pregnant *giggles*)


❥ Fashion Blogger Help (Daily Rate)


As you know I’m a fashion victim and I have a great experience in searching fashion items in SL. Do your friend, girlfriend, wife or you need restyling or a special outfit for a special occasion? I can help you finding what you need. I will be your special fashion consultant.


L$ 2,000/day Tell me your needs and the style you want and I follow for you the better list of choices, that I write on a notecard I send you.


L$ 5,000/day If you want a complete shopping experience with my advice and my full presence during your shopping day. Obiouvosly I help you to choose the better stores where you can find the perfect outfit.


❥ Erotical Shooting (Hourly Rate)


I’m a multitasking girl so I’m used to modeling too. If you want to hire me for an erotical shooting, I’m available to show my sexy body in the pose you like.


L$ 2,000/hour you can make me pose in the erotical pose you want and choose for me the outfit you prefer (naked included *giggles*)


L$ 4,000/hour you can join me for an erotical couple shooting.


♥ My Policy ♥


Last but not least the description of my policy:


► I require the payments before the service you desire (Remember that the tips MUST be done via tip jars and NOT directly)

► I’m open minded in sexual experiences but I prefer always

talking about your secret fantasies in order to  give you or not my disposition to make your dreams come true. So if you don’t see any service you would like from me, just tell me about it 😉

► NO Freebies or Discounts except for the HAPPY HOURS (see above to see the rates during Happy Hours)

► NO Age Play

► NO Bestiality

► NO Extreme Violence or Mutilations

► NO Cam Play

► NO RL Photos

► NO Defecation, urination or something like that

About me

ღ Ṩɣℓvια ƊαяƙÅɴʛεℓ ღ


An angel from the outside and at the same time a naughty girl eager to please all your most secret fantasies in the bedroom or wherever you want some sensual lustful fun.

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