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Bonnie T


Adventurous and fun loving girl. Loves exploring and always open to try new experiences. Bonnie loves food, cooking, traveling around the world and sports like Yoga and Mauy Thai. Places she had been to were Italy, France, Dubai, Japan, Taiwan and Australia.

She is a girl who know wants she want in life and will get it. Career minded and result orientated. She is the type of girl you need to company you to take to a power business lunch or a black tie event. By night falls, she turns into a wild cats hunting her prey in the night. Can you handle that?

Bonnie is from Singapore, in South East Asia. She is bilingual, able to speak English and Mandarin. The Timezone she operates in is GMT +8. She is a Virgo, give her time to warm up to you, get to know you better. Then you she will slowly reveal the other side of her that only her close friends knows about.


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