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Hi There!

Thanks for checking me out. I’ve been in SL since 2007 and have done a variety of things that enhance my skills and abilities. I am gifted in avatar creation and styling. I know exactly how to bring a look to life to enhance dirty talk and role play. I prefer erotic paragraph role play, but I am able to meet a variety of needs. Looking for something in particular? Reach out and let’s talk.




Anything your heart desires. (text only)

What Drives Me Wild

My top kinks:

☑ Feeding/Food Play
☑ Growth
☑ Transformation
☑ Bimbofication

Check out my fetish list for more. There are just too many to list!


Typical Schedule

Monday-Thursday: 8pm to 10pm SLT

Fridays: 10pm to 12am SLT

Weekends vary, but anytime between 8am and 12am SLT


Rate Card


Maitreya Lara
Belleza Freya
Slink Hourglass
Sking Katena (bimbo & regular)
Violet Studios Fusion (components)
It’s Not Mine! Cum System
Code-5 Real Spank (face, pussy, tits, ass)
LAB737 Dainty Dairy (Ivory Milk System)
LAB737 Heartbeat (pregnant belly)



❊ Dancing ❊

L$200 → Starts Your Dance

L$500 → Topless

L$1000 → Nude


❊ Happy Hour ❊

(50% off Dancing Services – 2pm to 4pm SLT)

L$100 → Starts Your Dance

L$250 → Topless

L$500 → Nude


❊ Couples Dance ❊

L$800 – 30 mins

L$1,250 – 30 mins *Topless*

L$1,400 – 30 mins *Nude*


❊ Private Time/Dance ❊

(Just me and you on the Champagne Room or Carolina Room, dancing or just cuddling. Your guests can join us too)

L$1,200 – 30 mins clothed

L$1,500 – 30 mins topless

L$1,700 – 30 mins nude

(L$500 extra if you’d like to take this off sim)


❊ Lapdances/Massages/Happy Endings ❊

L$1,500 – 30 mins of grabby hands wherever he pleases or a massage

L$1,700 – 30 mins of Topless Lapdance/Massage

L$1,800 – 30 mins of Nude Lapdance/Massage

Massage or lapdance with a happy ending hand job: L$1,900 (40-mins)

Massage or lapdance with a happy ending blow job: L$2,000 (40-mins)

(L$500 extra if you’d like to take this off sim)


❊ Hand Jobs & Blow Jobs ❊

L$1,300 – 30 mins – Hand job

L$1,500 – 30 mins – Blow Job

(L$500 extra if you’d like to take this off sim)


❊ Sex ❊

L$5,000 / Hour @ The Monarchy

L$5,500 / Hour off sim


❊ Role Play ❊

L$2,000 / Hour @ The Monarchy (no sex)

L$2,500 / Hour off sim (no sex)

L$5,000 / Hour @ The Monarchy (w/sex)

L$5,500 / Hour off sim (w/sex)


❊ Image Consultation ❊

Want a make over? I am your girl!

L$2,000 / Hour

L$2,500 / Hour for off sim shopping


❊ Photography ❊

L$1,000 / Hour


If you have any questions about my services, or desire a service I have not listed, please feel free to IM me.

♥ C


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