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Gen Guinevere


I’am a woman who loves sturdiness.

I like to know what you want, and I absolutely tell for you what I want.

Always cheerful, playful, and so sexy.

I give many hours to working on to be the best memory you every had.




Text dancing, Text massaging, Text escorting

What Drives Me Wild

I really like the people, who getting excited by me.

I can constantly turned off by sexiness if I feel your aura vibrates, and if you have a strong personality.

And if you are creative to drive me wild.

Get to know me and we both will know more. 🙂


Typical Schedule

I’m European. I’m in SLT +9.

Usually my perfect time is 9AM SLT – 1PM SLT, when I’m online for sure.

On weekends or rl free days, I’m online earlier too.

And to more late then the time (9-1).


Rate Card

My prices:



Start your dance: 200L$s

Topless: 500L$s

Nude: 1000L$s


HAPPY HOUR (only for stripping rates!)

Start your dance: 100L$s

Topless: 250L$s

Nude: 500L$s


Lap dances:

1500 L$s / 30 minutes. (clothed)

1700 L$s / 30 minutes. (Topless + Massage)

1850 L$s / 30 minutes. (Nude + Massage)

1900 L$s / 30 minutes (Happy ending with hand)

2000 L$s 35 minutes (Lapdance + Blowjob)


Escort services:

With Me:

4100 / hour




– L$3,500 // Additional Male

– L$1,500 // Non Monarchy Female


With Monarchy Female: With her own sex rate.







Take me to  any place where you wish (dancing, restaurant, nude beach, etc):

– 2000 L$s / hour



Same, but with sex:

– 5000 L$s / hour


Do you want a girlfriend experience?

Discuss for me your desires, how you want to spend it with me, and take me to anywhere. do with me anything you want. Talk about your day, go shopping together!


15.000 L$s / week

Max 3 days on a week and for 2 hours!!!


About me

Genesis Guinevere


If you looking for strong, wild, imaginative things,
with a sexy, exotic ladyyou visiting the right site.
This woman can be a sensual dove, who is the whipped 
cream on your cake, or the wild cat who is tearing your mind apart and fulfilling your all desires by deeply catch into your eyes and thoughts.
This girl loves to be watched, loves to be touched,
and loves to be spoiled.
She wants to be your anything…
And relax you completely. ♡♡♡

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