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Monarchy Vixen

Hello there….My name is Gigi but everyone calls me Chita, Cheetah in Spanish, because I am wild!
Thank you for reading my card. I look forward to getting to know you as well.

In Real Life I am in my 30’s and do have a conventional job. I enjoy traveling, going out with friends and napping 🙂 I am not married not and do not have any children. I speak and write in both English and Spanish.

In Second Life I am a Sex Vixen. I love getting turned on and turning on my sex partner. I enjoy role playing, emoting, being spoiled, domination, oral sex and sex in or around water. I am a highly sexual and sensual person both in Real Life and in Second Life. So what do you say…shall we have some fun together?

All service rates are for text/emote…but I will voice verify a few words if you need 🙂


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