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Karrie Rosca


What i wear:

RLV Relay

It’s not Mine Cum Hud



Open Collar-public-leash me

Mesh-Maitreya Body-Lara

CatWa head

mama allpa-request only




,Escort,Text/emote, Voice, Cam, RL pics

What Drives Me Wild
  • Men and women
  • Being a FinDom
  • Being a Submissive fuck toy
  • Love a good detailed roleplay
  • Gangbang
  • Threesomes, mfm and fmf
  • Being a pass around slut men taking turns on me sloppy seconds
  • Being spoiled, buy me stuff, send me lindens
  • love men with facial hair
  •  Being a FemDom
  • Cuckold men
  • Name calling- Slut, Bitch, whore, etc
  • bukkake-bath me in cum
  • Anal sex
  • Double penetration
  • Golden shower
  • Rimming
  • gentle love making
  • Rough sex, Hair pulling
  • Being Controlled-Dominate me please
  • Bondage
  • Rape play-  Force me against my will.
  • Brutal throat fuck-gagging, choking
  • spanking, whipping me
  • Being roughly handled-cock slapping,putting me in my place
  • Foot fetish-kiss your boots, bare feet, lick, suck
  • Public Exposure-embarrass me
  • Humiliation-make me wear your cum out in public,cock slapping


Typical Schedule

Eastern standard time: we can always try and schedule a time if needed

I may not always be on my times vary with RL

My Early time: 6pm -7pm slt (9pm est-10pm est)

My later time: 8pm-10pm slt (11pm -1am est)


Rate Card

❥❥Karrie Rosca❥❥


Escort/Text,/Voice/Cam/ RL pics


Hello and welcome to the Monarchy, Thanks for checking out my rate card.


✿✿I’m  a very fun, Horny and very naughty girl to be around. I love doing voice ,cam and giving RL pics.  I’m here to make you very pleased and make all your fantasies and kinks cum true. I serve both men and women, even furies. I’m a submissive girl. I can even can be a FinDom. I promise you if you hire me we will have a good time. I’m pretty much no limits name your fantasy or fetish.

★Time zone: Eastern

My Early time: 6pm -7pm slt (9pm est-10pm est)


My later time: 8pm-10pm slt (11pm -1am est)

(Days vary)



❥❥•*¨*. •*¨* Social media •*•.¸¸♡¸¸❥❥.







❥my E-mail:


❥The Monarchy website:



❥ My Wishlist-



❥♡♡♡♡♡ My Kinks ♡♡♡♡❥


❥ Foot fetish

❥Fin Dom-Be my pay pig

❥Cuckold men

❥ Sugar Daddy’s

❥ Name calling

❥ bukkake

❥ Anal sex

❥Golden shower

❥Scat-(will need to pay extra) (not a favorite)

❥ Rimming

❥Hair pulling


❥Gang bang-share me with your friends

❥ Threesomes- MfM ,FFM

❥ Rape play

❥Brutal throat fuck-gagging and choking

❥spanking, whipping me

❥Being roughly handled-cock slapping

❥ Humiliation

❥Rough sex and love making


❥Exhibitionism & voyeurism

❥Incest roleplay

❥ Cage play

❥Be a Bimbo

❥ Gor Play

❥ Be your girlfriend, wife, roleplay

❥ Into both men and women

❥Having a sugar daddy /being your sugar baby girl

❥Face sitting

❥Blood play-cost extra

❥Pregnancy-cost extra-see Additional services


try me with a new kink 🙂



❥ •*¨* My Avatar and huds:¬ •*•.¸¸❥


❥It’s not Mine Cum Hud

❥VAW-Pussy, Ass, tits, Mouth

❥Slap-Breast, Pussy, Ass, Face

❥Open Collar-public-leash me

❥Mesh-Maitreya Body-Lara

❥CatWa head-Kimberly

❥Mama-Allpa – see







•    L$200 – Starts your dance

•    L$500 – Topless

•    L$1,000 – Nude




•    Starts your dance – L$100 to start

•    Topless – L$250;

•    Nude – L$500


➤Couples Dance

•    L$800 – 30 mins clothed

•    L$1,250 – topless

•    L$1,400 – 30 mins *Nude*


➤Private Time/Dance – Just you and I with no interruptions.

•    L$1,200 – 30 mins clothed

•    L$1,500 – 30 mins topless

•    L$1,700 – 30 mins nude

with voice: minimum $8,000L/30 mins





❥ Massages


•    L$1,500 – A massage clothed (30 Minutes)

•    L$1,700 – Topless Massage (30 Minutes)

•    L$1,800 – Nude Lap dance/ Massage (30 Minutes)

With Voice: minimum $8,000L/30 mins


❥  Lapdance


•    Massage or lap dance with a happy ending hand job: L$1,900 (40-mins)

•    Massage or lap dance with a happy ending blow job: L$2,000 (40-mins)

(Blowjob or hand jobs are not required only if requested)



❤❤Parties – Eligibility❤❤


•    Pole or floor dancing minimum $1,500/hr

•    Mix of lap dances, pole, emoting, chatting, flirting – minimum of $2,500/hr




•  Hand jobs/Playing with you – L$1,500 – 30 mins

•    Blow Jobs/Receiving Oral – L$1,900 – 30 mins



❥❥ Sex Services ❥❥


♥ Minimum – $4,000L/1 Hour or 30 minutes+$L1,000 For off Sim






3+Somes, or Gang bang

3+somes with Monarchy girls are no additional fee to you. Each girl will be tipped her escorting rate separately.

•    Additional L$2,500 for each additional person

•    Additional L$3,500 for each additional person if you need to find them




❥Non Sex Dates

Offered: On or off Sim




❥❥Packages Offered❥❥


$L 15,000-Weekly includes few sessions per week -date night, roleplay, spending time together,cuddling,swimming, Going to the beach, Dancing, nothing sexual -Girlfriend, wife, submissive, slave


$L 20,000-includes all of the above plus sex and cuddle sessions, kissing, etc


$L 40,000 -Partnership listed as my partner in my profile and receive the above services. The full wife/girlfriend experience but also partnered in SL. Also available for limited RL texting such as facebook.


L$30,000 Partnership-no sex



Sex Date : L$20,000 all the above plus sexual services, blow job, hand job, sexual intercourse,

(can go past an hour if needed)


❥❥ Additional Services  ❥❥


– 🔊 Voice 💋


♥$L4,000-20 minutes

♥$L8,000-30 minutes

♥ $10k-60 minutes



❥Add me on Skype-$L2,000


❥Cam – L$15,000 – 30 min for (breasts, ass, tits, pussy (no full body nudity

Me watching YOU on cam L$5,000 Extra

$18,000-60 minutes


❥Real life Pics – L$600 min/Per Pic (min.) (I take any request)


❥Pictures of my Avatar with you-$3,500

❥Being your personal model for porn, etc-$L12,000


❥Sub/slave – L$1,000 an hour (Leashing or kneeling in club – L$1,000 minimum

❥Being your FinDom-$L2,500 an hour-Be my Paypig!


❥Changing my Avatar looks-$1,500 (you will need to buy the shape, skin, hair etc)

Want me in another outfit? please gift me and i will wear it for your pleasure.


❥PREGNANCY-For breeding get my avatar pregnant / L$ 30,000 -cum in my hud $1,000 extra

continued Roleplay -$L4,000

you will be required of the following:

*To purchase the required hospital fees,Maternity items, avatar for baby, etc

*To provide weekly funds  for the babys needs.

*I will not keep my Avatar pregnant when working, etc only with you when we roleplay.


❥ AFK SEX- $L 2,000-staying still no interaction-At my home  (tip jar please)

❥ Spanking or whipping me-$L3,000

❥Worshiping your feet, caress, massage, suck, lick-$4,000

❥Bukkake Bath – cum bath from you and your friends, $5,000 each

❥Being your personal urinal- $6,00

❥ Farting on your face-$6,000


Extreme or not into it but will do it for you




❥Scat-$L 10,000-please BUY what you want me to wear, act out

❥Blood play-$L8,000-can be Menstrual related.





Hope to play very soon, kisses


➤➤➤  Limits  ➤➤➤


➔  No age play at the club

➔ No Mutilation / Death

➔Nothing that breaks LL TOS

➔No RL info given out




➔ Please note:


•  Anything extreme something i do not like will cost extra .ex: scat -open to almost ALL scenarios-name it    Please provide payment first-Directly in tip jar

•    If you crash I WILL wait 10 minutes and if you do not show then our session is over-No refund given.

•    I reserve the right to refuse or terminate the session for rudeness or disrespect

•    Please be of legal age

•    No Freebie sex


Hope to play very soon, kisses


About me

Karrie Rosca

Dancer and Escort, cam and voice

Hey , Thanks for checking out my profile. I’m here to make your fantasies cum true. I offer voice ,cam,emote RP, RL pics. Let me be your fuck toy and let’s have a naughty time together! I’m here to pleasure you. I’m very open and like ALL kinds of things and would love to fulfill your kinks. Let’s play together!

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