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Leah Ari Sanchez


Hello there I am Leah Ari Sanchez

I love to explore through roleplay and to delve into the unknown. I consider myself to be very open-minded and accepting of all walks of kink.

So lets cut to the chase!!! Do you like to be teased, tickled, nibbled or caressed? Shall I ride you, spank you, or be yours truly? Are you passionate, aching, or throbbing for a good time? We can be a tiny bit cheeky, a little bit kinky or a whole lot of naughty, the choice is yours!!!

Please feel free to drop me a notecard or an IM anytime and I will respond as soon as I can.

Until I’m in your lap, yours with kisses,

Leah Ari Sanchez





Text/Emote, Voice, Dates, Massages, Private Cuddle Time

What Drives Me Wild

A few things that drive me wild are as follow.

I enjoy being spanked, I am a lover of pain, I have a thing for men with deep voices, 3 comes – hell even swinging, Bi sexual, groping, biting, big asses {Not Massive}, large breast {Women}, Voyeur, Big, Med, Small, and extra small cocks, hot candle wax, spontaneous relations.


No under 18 Role-play


No Free Shit

Hard Degradation



Typical Schedule

♥My  Schedule♥

{FYI I Am On Central Time Which Is 3 Hours Behind SL}

Monday – Thursday

{Between the hours}

12PM ~ 4PM SLT

9PM ~ 12AM

Friday ~ Sunday

No set Schedule but I am around if needed throughout the day & night.


About me

Leah Ari Sanchez


I am a shy girl with an amazing colorful personality. I have a great sense of humor, which is mostly sarcasm. But once I break out of my shell I am quite crazy and hyper. I enjoy writing & reading erotic poetry. I am obsessed with movies, and I love to dance. I give everyone a chance no matter who you are. I am an amazing person. If you know me, consider yourself lucky.

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