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Tsuzumi Lee


IWelcome to my profile, I am a person who loves to vary, in the visual, in the life, and even in the fetishes !!!

I love sex, it’s serious! sex is my passion, almost a vice for me ….

♥♥♥I discovered many good things being escort and stripper, I learned to be a sweet person, and at the same time very hot, I love trying new things or not so new on four walls, or in public! I feel an extra affinity with BDSM, I like everything! I really like to dominate and also to be dominated !! I usually say that I am a bubbly champagne, but when you take it, you feel the immense pleasure of floating ♥♥♥




Escort , dancer , wife/girlfriend

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Call me on IM, let’s talk? I love to talk and I’m pretty sure you do too! Take my Ratecard in the monarchy, or come straight to me! (Mayah1122), it will be a pleasure to talk to you!

Typical Hours

I usually go online between 02 AM SLT, and 08 PM SLT, I really make it worth my little hours, but that does not mean I will not be online at the club at other times, call me at IM! Let’s talk about this? or on some random subject if you want! I’m friendly, I promise !!! I’m always talking about the VIP group of the monarchy, join us !!


domme , mistress, BDSM , humiliation,swap roles, striptease , sex, public sex, girlfriend/Wife roleplay

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