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I’m a thick, luscious barbie with a brain. I can be sweet and romantic, and I enjoy simple things in SL like sitting on a peaceful beach relaxing to the sounds of the waves, playing board games, or dancing and listening to music.


I can be a sassy, down-and-dirty, kinky slut.  I enjoy D/s, from the top or the bottom. The right man can have me on my knees and begging, but a quivering cuckold at my feet is a big turn on, too. Being watched excites me, so I enjoy public sex and group sex.


I’m the kind of girl you might want to take home to meet your mother, but you may decide to keep me as your dirty little secret.  I invite you to explore all of your fantasies with me.





Text and Voice


Typical Schedule

You’ll find me in world most evenings (4pm SLT and later) and varying times on weekends.   I am spending a lot more weekday time in world with the stay-at-home orders, so say hello anytime!


Rate Card

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥   THE MENU   ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

All rates are for services on Monarchy grounds.  Off sim is an additional $500L.

Minimum service time is 30 minutes.


♥ Photos (Price is for one photo. I take and send to you)

$ 500L – Clothed

$1000L – Nude


♥ Date night (no sex)

$2,000L per hour – On Sim

$2,500L per hour – Off Sim


♥ Pole Dance (Public conversation and emotes)

$ 200L – Start Your Dance

$ 500L – Topless

$1000L – Nude


♥ Private Dance (Have me all to yourself for private conversation – 30 minutes)*

$1,200L – Clothed

$1,500L – Topless

$1,700L – Nude

*$2,000L – Add a happy ending to your private dance


♥ Massages (30 minutes)*

$1,500L – Clothed

$1,700L – Topless

$1,800L – Nude

*$2,000L – Add a happy ending to your massage


♥ Masturbation (watching my avi – 30 minutes)

$2,500L – Nude


♥ Sex (One on One)

$ 3,000L – 30 Minutes Text

$ 5,000L – 30 Minutes Voice or 60 Minutes Text

$10,000L – 60 Minutes Voice


♥ Sex (Group)

$1,500L per person – 30 Minutes Text

$2,500L per person – 30 Minutes Voice or 60 Minutes Text

$5,000L per person – 60 Minutes Voice


♥ Clean Me Up (Join me in a steamy shower, and help me wash all your cum off my body after our time together – 15 Minutes)

$1,500L – Just Watching

$2,000L – Joining In


♥ Voice Recordings

$1,000L per minute (I will record myself speaking or moaning for you. Feel free to write a script if there is something particular you would like to hear me say.)


♥ Add Ons

$1,000L – 30 Minutes Voice with any service – No Sex

$1,500L – Add me as a contact on Discord or Skype when we voice

$2,500L – Control my Lovense toy remotely during any session


♥ Girlfriend Experiences – rates are determined after we discuss details of the arrangement.

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Busty, blonde bombshell.

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