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Miyuki Suzuki


Miyuki is an Asian girl living in a tropical country. She is very open in anything. She loves to communicate with different kinds of people and making friends. She is hospitable and polite. She always try to be herself all the time and be honest on her true feelings. She is caring and lovable and those traits really define her. She will protect the one she loves whatever it takes. She is open for any opportunities and challenges she may face.


She is business-minded individual thats why she always do take risks most of the time. She believes “The higher the risk, the higher the return.” Her thinking is greatly influenced by her exposure in her real profession. She loves accounting and managing finances.


She enters the world of Dancing & Escorting. Her emoting skills really evolved during her stay in her first club which is The Monarchy. She continually grow not just a Playmate but also an individual giving high quality company and service that is greatly remarkable.




Stripping, cuddling, lap dances, escorting and more. For more details about my services, you can get my rate card for future reference.

Accepting Clients?


Typical Hours

I’m at the club in 4:00 – 6:00 AM SLT for your fantasies to come true. You can arrange appointments if you need to, just send me an IM ahead of time.


DaddyDom/BabyGirl, Teacher/School Girl, Boss/Secretary, Father/Daughter, Uncle/Niece, Brother/Sister, Grandpa & Sugar Daddy, Rape/Force Sex, Orgies, Threesome, Gang Rape, Bukakke, Glory Hole, Bathroom Sex, Pregnancy, Kidnapping, Harassment/Molesting, In-denial Sex, Sex Doll, Bestiality, Mama Alpa

What Drives Me Wild

Those kinks are the things that usually turns me on. I enjoy pleasing everybody. I love being innocent at first then turns into wild one as I get aroused. I’m great in doing all those things because it is the roleplay that I truly enjoy to do. I also love to call you “Daddy or Sir” that really adds to my excitement. Being used for your pleasure is my ultimate goal and to be your perfect company. ♥

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