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Coco Oozaru McLaurin


Age: 22  (October 16, 1995, certified 90’s baby!)

Sign: Libra (I mean, duh!)

Preferred Name: Coco

Hobbies&Likes: Reading, Roleplaying. Cooking (and eating!), Art and Manga, Dancing, Hip-Hop music, R&B, neo-soul and soul, and being an overall tease.

Dislikes: Ask me when you see me <3

Why did I choose to work at the Monarchy? Because sexy women love sexy women, and sexy men love us all. The club is as beautiful as they can get and the ladies here are absolutely amazing and it would be a shame if I didn’t add my little bit of spice to the mix.




Accepting Clients?



Follow me on Instagram @st.mc1aurin

(More Social Media to come!)

How to Connect

Please Send me a Notecard in-world @ muvaling (all lowercase) with requested services, or shoot me a message in-world or DM on Instagram to see if I am at the club! I will get back with you as soon as possible.

What Drives Me Wild

A sexy, steamy conversation with an intelligent mind over a glass of the finest wine.

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