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  • ♚ Voice, Dancing, Strip tease, Cuddles, Dating, Chatting and long walks on the beach. IM me for my rate card or check my picks.
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The Monarchy Angels Slumber Party

Please join us this Sinful Sunday for an evening of pleasure and fun with our naughty Angels, eager to worship and be worshiped! Can't...

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Latex Lovers Beware – Thursdays 6 to 8 pm slt

For those who love Latex, this ones for you! Our Ladies love it tight fitted and smooth to the touch. Join us every Thursday...

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About me

OSoIcy Please

Monarchy Playmate/ Member of Purple Haze

My story is the classic good girl turned bad. I come from a sweet wholesome Sorority background where I was always a “good girl” that behaved at all times. Boredom sets in and there was always something inside me that wanted to be unleashed. I followed my MOIST instincts and here I am, a Monarchy Playmate with a sensationable appetite for all things naughty. Over the years I’ve honed my craft and I crave being as sexy and dirty as i possibly can. Sometimes my sweet good girl side comes out, wanting cuddles, kisses and loads of attention but I quickly snap back when needed. If I say I want “all the cum”, then that means I want you to give it to me, NOW!


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