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Ruby Passion


I am a confident, sassy explorer of kinks, who enjoys getting to know, teasing and pleasing clients with my words and my avatar’s looks.

Playing Ruby, I usually respond to your style and my responses vary based on your approach.

I am a switch and I like to explore my partner’s mood and create a memorable experience for the both of us! I have a creative mind and love to participate in stories, buildup, or just mere improvisation.

I do like it when a strong man takes control, but I also find it hot when a strong man gives it up! I am also super happy with non-bdsm or even non-sexual scenes that focus on the story and has sweet surprises.

For ladies I prefer to be more of a mistress that treats them like a maid when the ladies are submissive, or a hot and kinky friend when they are mistresses, but I am open to other ideas too!

I love stripping, but I am an experienced roleplayer, happy to get into any kind of scenes, especially erotic ones that involve a classy, high maintainence type of woman.

Please either be open about your dreamscene and discuss your desires with me, or let me improvise and explore you throughout our scene.

Do not be shy if you have strange or exotic requests neither. I might not be experienced in some areas, but I am very open to try new things.

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