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Scaramouche Dryke



♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ MY SERVICES ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Anything off The Monarchy sim is an additional $500L (this applies ONLY for Date Night & Roleplay Date)Full rates available upon request or at The Monarchy


♦♥SERVICES ARE CHARGED AT A MINIMUM OF AN HOUR♥♦(Unless stated otherwise, 30 mins is available after purchases of the first hour and is charged at half the price.)


♥Pole Dance♥

•$200 – Start Your Dance (30 mins)•$500 – topless•$1000L – nude

(Available in club only)


♥1 Hour Lap Dances or Massages Sessions♥

•Clothed – $2,500•Topless – $2,700•Nude – $2,800•Add a Handjob + $2,000 extra•Add a Blowjob + $2,500 extra


♥1 Hour Couples Dance in Club♥

•$1,500 – Clothed•$2,000 – Topless•$2,500 – Nude

You choose the dance and location, off sim is an extra $500.


♥1 Hour Cuddles/Chilling♥

•$1,500 – Clothed•$2,000 – Topless•$2,500 – Nude

Off sim is an extra £500


♥1 Hour Private Party Dance♥

•$2,200 – clothed•$2,500 – topless•$2,700 – nude

Perfect for bachelor/bachelorette parties. Surprise cake can be set up and used for an extra L$500

Add a lap dance for the lucky individual for an extra $2,000 for 30 mins.



Date night, nudity if you’d like, but non sexual.If you’d like me to join you on a RP sim.

•On Sim – L$2,000/hr•Off Sim – L$2,500/hr



•$4,500 – each hour•$3,500 – for each additional male per hour•$3,000 – for each additional female (non-Monarchy girl) per hour

Off sim is an extra £500. If you would like to hire two or Monarchy girls you must pay their individual prices per hour too.


♥BDSM – As Dom or Sub

•$5,000 – Slave training – each hour•$5,000 – Domination, D/s – each hour•$5,000 – Sadism play – each hour

Have a hidden fantasy you want to explore or a specific request, please IM me and we can discuss what we can do to make those fantasies and reality.


♥The Girlfriend Experience

•$12,500 – Date – Spending the day/evening as yours for up to 4 hours. Starting with dinner and a dance, or another choice of date setting, and finishing in bed together. The whole date experience. Extra time charged at $2000 per hour. Date and time must be arranged prior if past 3pm slt.


•$65,000 – Dating – For a whole week you will be my priority and I will be completely yours for the entire time. This includes all the above services for a max of 4 hours a day/night with two nights off which is agreed prior. For an extra $10,000 I will add you to my private Discord for the week (no voice) for morning messages, goodnight messages and chatting outside of SL.


♥Friends with Benefits – Patrons of Scara Group

•$25,000 – A Member of my private group, 1 year membership.

This comes with the benefits of the following:

•Updates of upcoming events I am attending, hosting or entertaining in.

•Exclusive members only pic for the beginning of every month.

•All members also receive a complimentary lapdance & blowjob on their Rezz Day.

•Free access to the Summer & Winter Ball, hosted by myself and attended by a variety of the best ladies in second life. Take part in the auction for charity, dance to the live music and let us sweep you off your feet for a night of glitz & glam!

♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡MY RULES♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

*Anything extreme will cost extra but I am open to most scenarios.*No under 18 age play.*There are no freebies. A man who can’t spoil his woman isn’t the man for me.*I don’t give discounts. See aforementioned point. I love a man who spoils not one who penny pinches.*Ask about any services you want but don’t see here. However, if you pester me about offering something that I do not, I will end the session.*There is no “when you get off”*No mutilation*If you are requesting I change into something I don’t own, you will need to buy it.*If you leave during a session, I will wait 15 minutes for your return to continue and will not count the time against our remaining time.*If you need to leave within the first 15 minutes of our session, we can reschedule.





What Drives Me Wild
  • BDSM – I am naturally a sub, but also happy to make you beg and plead for mercy. I enjoy the erotic side of the BDSM world, it is not always about the chains, whips and leather, but its about that emotional connection, that trust and power play.
  • Doing things your wife/girlfriend would never dream about. I am open to many avenue’s of pleasure, and I always believe you should always try someone at least once.
  • Voyeurism, who doesn’t enjoy being on show? The thrill of a possible slip of the hand, the roll of the hips or the sensual press of the body within public is very exciting. The thrill of almost being caught just adds to that excitement!
  • A variety of role place scenarios, you have a fantasy? Why not bring it to life with a detailed story making role play? There is nothing better than loosing yourself into an exciting and mouth watering role play, and it is even more fun when you can enjoy the writing’s of a detailed role player.
  • Dancing the night away with our hands all over each other. It is always a joy to get dressed up, slip on that elegant gown and jewels before hitting the dance floor all starry eyed in the arms of a handsome man.

About me

Scaramouche Dryke



I’m an erotically charged individual escort who takes the greatest of pleasure bringing you to the point of pure bliss.

I’m playful and naturally sexy which combined with my British lady like personality guarantees I’ll put you at complete tease… whoops! I meant ease..! hehe.

I offer discreet & sensual escort services and specialise in detailed emoting and role play, so bring you to your most wicked fantasies please! My focus is to excitedly tease and please you, I’ll also warn you that I can be very naughty and may need a little spank from time to time.

I’m the hungry and erotically charged woman you have been yearning and wanting to grab and bend over and fuck deep and hard, the wild one you been thinking about to satisfy your sex thirst, the one who will go down and take your manhood deep in her mouth and gag on it.

The special girl who is so sensually dirty in the bedroom that just the thought makes you go stone hard. Lady during the day, erotic slut during the night.

I’m also a great listener and if you seek to spend time with someone who can hold a genuinely intellectual conversation – then look no further.

I have heard of some profiles not meeting expectations when in the flesh and understand this concern. I want to reassure you that my pictures are all recent and 100% genuine. I am also voice and cam verified and for a small price I am happy to provide evidence to yourself personally, but I do not offer escorting services over cam or mic, only text/emote.

Thank you for stopping by… do not be afraid to send me a quick hello or look into my overview for my prices and services. Always happy to discuss any particular tastes you may have too xx



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