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  • text, emote, voice, domination and a plethora of other talents
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Lexi Agrawal


Class and confidence are the first thing you’ll notice. Then I start to talk and you realize there’s sass, wit, charm and sexiness as well… and the occasional truck driver foul mouth.

If a cane is placed in my hand, things change a little…. or a lot, depending on you. I enjoy BDSM activities but it isn’t all I enjoy

I enjoy making people happy and everyone has something different that makes them happy.  Tell me yours and I’ll help you bring it to fruition.




text, emote, voice, domination and a plethora of other talents

What Drives Me Wild

Biceps. Drive. Me. Wild!!! They don’t have to be big, just defined.  I love to bite and squeeze them.  I’m also a sucker for facial hair.  I love the way it feels on my naked body. Mmmm.

About me

Lexi Agrawal


I enjoy fulfilling fantasies. What's yours? I am a Dominatrix - Have you been good and deserve a reward or are you naughty and need to be punished. I am a girl next door - let's hang out, cuddle, talk, play games. I am a comedienne - not really, but I'll probably cause you to laugh a lot. I am a singer - would you like a lullaby before bed? I am .... who would you like me to be? Let's talk.


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