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  • Sierra "Cookie" Lewellen
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About me

♥ I’m a fun-loving girl! I love to tease, and most of all I love being dominated, and being told what to do. I love being punished for my wrong-doings.
♥ Need a goddess to spend time with you while abusing your wallet and your self-esteem? Think you deserve spending time with this princess? Message me and i’ll think about it.
♥ I am usually online all day, so just message me !
♥ Escort Type: Text and RL Photos, Findom, Switch, Submissive
♥ Body Type: Tall, Skinny, Curvy, Blonde, 18.
AVAILABILITY: Open availability.
♥ Languages Spoken: English
♥ Sexual Preference: ♀ ♂ ♀☿ ♁ Gender friendly


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