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The Monarchy | Steffii | Bio



Hey, welcome to The Monarchy! Thank you so much for looking at my profile! Please read through for information about me, my services and my rates.




 { About me }


Steffii, also known as Steffii Sugabum. 27. Female from the UK ~ England.


Experienced Text | Emote Roleplay Escort in Second Life. Experienced also in Erotic Dance Entertainment, along with the D/s Life Style as a Submissive.


Steffii is very open minded and willing to please. She will provide a service with sexual or non-sexual intention. From Stripping, Erotic dances/Pole Dancing, lap-dances, massages, to D/s fetish/kinks, sexual services; foreplay, oral, sex. Steffii will also provide 3 levels of Girlfriend, wife, sub/slave experience aswell. Please continue reading to see limits and her rates.


Steffii’s over all goal, is to provide a service which meets your needs and desires. Fulfilling any fantasies which are mutual within her limits. Steffii will provide you a non-judgmental, friendly and confidential service. Steffii in her opinion feels her personal statement of herself is:


“I am chilled, caring and a tease. I aim and love to please! Experienced also in the D/s community (being submissive) I am more then happy to provide that Submissive Experience too. Can also be good old tasty Vanilla aswell! I love being around the club, having a laugh, dancing with the girls growing that… naughty, er, “smile” on your face.”


If there are any questions, special requests after reading, please contact Steffii (via notecard) and she will get back to you as soon as she can.




{ Kink Information }




No – Hard Limit: never going to happen nor should be up for discussion.


Maybe – Soft Limit, that maybe up for discussion.


Yes – No limit, we can make it happen!







Abrasion- No

Abuse RP- No

Age play- No

Anal hook- No

Anal sex- Yes

Anal plugs- Yes

Arm binders- Yes




Bathroom use control- No

Bestiality- No

Beating- No

Belt- No

Blindfolds- Yes  

Being Service- Yes

Being Bitten- Yes (this does not mean for BL)

Boot Worship- Yes

Bondage (light)- Yes

Bondage (heavy)- Maybe

Bondage (public)- Maybe

Breast Bondage- Maybe

Breast whipping- Maybe

Bukakke- Yes




Cages- Yes (during session only)

Caning- No

Capture- Maybe (no un-consensual act/RP via this)

Cattle prod- No

Cells/closets- Yes (during session only)

Chains- Yes

Chastity belts- No 

Choking- No

Chores (domestic)- Yes 

Collars (indicate public or private)- Yes (during session only)

Corset- Yes

Cross-dressing- Maybe


○ Chain- Yes

○ Leather- Yes

○ Metal- Yes

○ Rope- Yes




Dildos- Yes

Dolcett- No

Double Penetration- Yes

Domination (receive)- Yes

Domination (give)- Maybe (keep in mind I am more experienced as a submissive, but I will RP dominance if this is wanted via a client)




Electrical play- No

Erotic dance- Yes

Exhibitionism (friends)- Yes  

Exhibitionism (strangers)- Yes




Face slapping – No

Fear- No

Fisting- No

Flogging- Yes

Following orders- Yes 

Food play- Yes

Foot worship- Maybe

Forced Dressing- Maybe

Homosexuality- No

Forced Sex: – No

Forced masturbation- No

Forced nudity- No




Gags- Maybe

Genital sex- Yes

Gyno Play- No

Groping – Yes

Group sex/play – Yes




Hair brushes- No 

Hair Pulling- Yes

Hand jobs (giving)- Yes

Hand Jobs (receiving)- Yes

Harems- Yes

Harnessing- Yes

High heel wearing- Yes

Hot waxing- Maybe

Human Puppy dog- Maybe (I’ve never tried it though so may want someone with experience)

Humiliation (private)- No

Humiliation (public)- No




Immobilization- Maybe

Incest- No

Interrogation- No




kidnapping- No

Kneeling- Yes




Lactation- No

Licking (non-sexual)- Yes

Lingerie (wearing)- Yes




Modeling for erotic Photos- Maybe

Mummification – Maybe




Nipple biting (soft)- Yes

Nipple biting (hard)- Yes

Nipple clamps- Yes

Nipple leash- Yes

Nipple Piercings- Yes

Nipple torture- No

Nipple weights- Maybe




Over the knee spanking- Yes

Oral sex (give or receive)- Yes 

Orgasm control- Yes

Orgasm denial- Yes

Outdoor sex- Maybe – depends where

Orgies- Yes




Paddle- Yes

Pain (mild)- Maybe

Pain (medium)- No

Pain (extreme/severe)- No

Personality training- Maybe

Pony girl/boy- Maybe – again no experience in this, so may want to seek out a girl with experience

Pregnancy- No

Punishment (private)- No

Punishment (public)- No

Pussy/cock whipping- Maybe

Pussy/cock worship (giving)- Yes 




Riding crop- Yes

Restrictions/rules- Maybe

Restraints – Maybe

Rubber/latex clothing- Yes




Saran Wrapping- Yes

Scat- No

Sensory depredation- Maybe

Serving :

○ Food/drink- Yes

○ as Furniture- Yes

○ as maid- Yes

○ as sexual toy/slave- Yes

Sexual Deprivation (short term/during session)- Yes

Slutty Clothing- Yes

Snuf (death)- No

Spanking- Yes

Speech restrictions- Yes

Spreader bars- Yes

Standing in a corner- Yes

Straight jackets- No

Strapping (full body beating)- Maybe

Suspension- Yes

Swallowing Semen- Yes




Teasing- Yes

Titty Fucking- Yes

Triple Penetration- Yes

Tied up – Maybe




Uniforms- Yes




Verbal Humiliation- No 

Verbal Praise- Yes

Vibrator on Genitals- Yes

Violence- No

Voyeurism (watching others)- Yes

Voyeuris (watching client with others)- Yes

Video (watching others)- No

Video (recording of you)- Maybe




Water Bondage- Maybe – no experience

Water sports- No 

Wooden Paddles- Yes

Wrestling- Maybe


Strictly Hard Limits:


1. No Rape RP, no un-consensual act.


2. No humiliation, give or receive.


3. No form of bathroom/sick play; pee, scat, sick. (That being said, if you are into playing in the shower or bath thats ok)


4. No age-play!


5. Nothing which is against SL TOS, or the clubs rules.


6. No voice, cam or RL information nor any RL orders. I will however verify via Mic by saying a short greeting. This is upon request.


7. No free sex. 


8. No Bestiality.




Text | Emote


Typical Schedule


2:00 PM to 6:00 PM


2:00 PM to 6:00 PM


2:00 PM to 6:00 PM


2:00 PM to 6:00 PM


2:00 PM to 6:00 PM


2:00 PM to 6:00 PM


2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

~ Estimated time frame, I might just want to play in the club sooner or after!


Rate Card

The Monarchy | Steffii | Rates | Contact


Contact Steffii in-world via searching SteffiiSugabum, or paste the following link into local chat: secondlife:///app/agent/cd86175c-16b4-44a5-a2f6-fd78e07e11ba/about


{ Services/Rates }



♥ Dancing:



L$200 → Starts Your Dance

L$500 → Topless

L$1000 → Nude


Happy Hour – 50% Off on Dancing Services!


Duration: 2:00 PM  – 4:00 PM SLT


L$100 → Starts Your Dance

L$250 → Topless

L$500 → Nude



♥ Couples Dance:



L$800 → 30 mins clothed


L$1,250 → 30 mins topless


L$1,400 → 30 mins nude



♥ Private Time/Dance – Just you and I (and your guests), no interruptions. Complete attention on you!



L$1,200 → 30 mins clothed


L$1,500 → 30 mins topless


L$1,700 → 30 mins nude



♥ Lap Dance/Massage:



L$1,500 → 30 mins of grabby hands wherever you please, or a massage


L$1,700 → 30 mins of Topless Lap-dance/Massage


L$1,800 → 30 mins of Nude Lap-dance/Massage


Massage or lapdance with a happy ending hand job: L$1,900 (40-mins)


Massage or lapdance with a happy ending blow job: L$2,000 (40-mins)



♥ Escorting:



Hand jobs/Playing with you – L$1,500 – 30 mins


Blow Jobs/Receiving Oral – L$1,900 – 30 mins


Sex – Minimum – L$5,000/hr


Additional L$2,500 for each additional person


Additional L$3,500 for each additional person if you would like me to find them


Additional L$500 if off sim


Non Sex Dates/Role Play:


Can include nudity. May involve date night, night out dancing or to dinner, role play. Lets discuss what your desires are!


On Sim – L$2,000/hr

Off Sim – L$2,500/hr


L$1,800/hr when tipping for 2+ hours if available



♥ Weekly Rates – Girlfriend/Wife experience, Submissive, Slave:



Non-sex Between: L$15,000


~ Please have contact with me first to make sure we can have a good schedule together, listed is an estimated time of when I am usually free daily, however I might be able to compromise/vary times if needed and I am available.


Services may include:


○ Attending a dance with you.


○ A date such as; a movie night, visiting a sim/location with you, a romantic meal. Lets have a discussion of what you would like too!


○ I may be leashed if wished for.


○ Cuddles, massages, being your maid.


○ Attending live performances, supporting you with your hobbies, talents in SL.


Sex Between: L$30,000


May include:


○ Hand jobs/Blowjobs


○ Sex


○ Kinks/fetishes – conducting a scene (keep in mind limits will still apply)


Partnership Between: L$35,000




○ Partnership on profile (optional)


○ The full wife/girlfriend experience


○ Available limited RL contact for hours I am out of SL, via Kik or Email


○ All of the above weekly services


{ Additional requests }


If there is a service you would like to inquire about which is not listed please contact me about that!



This girl looks forward to hearing from you,


Steffii 💋





Last updated: 6th May 2019.


About me

Steffii Suga٠b

Playmate | Text | Escort

Well hello! Thank you for viewing my profile. Please feel free to check out more info using the tabs here, you're also welcome to contact me in-world aswell via steffiisugabum resdient. I am chilled, caring and a tease. I aim and love to please! Experienced also in the D/s community (being submissive) I am more then happy to provide that Submissive Experience too. Can also be good old tasty Vanilla aswell! I love being around the club, having a laugh, dancing with the girls growing that... naughty, er, "smile" on your face.

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