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Linni Jigulina

Vixen ♢ Text ♢ Escort

Linni, also known as Linni Jigulina. 26 years – female – comes from Norway.

Linni is a girl who likes to get to know new people, chat and flirt.. She can be very shy, but also likes to give herself up when she has become “hot in the sweater” as we say in Norwegian. She is very much for everyone to be treated with respect and she is open minded. She has very bad humor and thinks she is funny. Linni also likes to play a role and almost never says no.

Linni will provide a service with sexual or non-sexual intention. Check below to see exactly what I offer.

If there are any questions, special requests after reading, please contact Linni @the0neyoucantforget (via notecard) and she will get back to you as soon as she can.

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