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Contessa Sakura



Contessa Sakura


Greetings everyone, I am new to The Monarchy Family, though not new to this industry. I look forward to being your temptress, your Dominatrix, that which you desire.



Accepting Clients?


How to Connect

One can contact me in World any time I am online. If am not online please leave a note card or im, though nc is preferred as im’s do get capped. I will definitely get back with you asap. ~kiss kiss~

You can also contact me on Facebook at

Typical Hours

Tuesday thru Saturday , sl evenings from 7pm ish to 11pm ish SLT.

Sundays and Mondays  I will be around the whole day from around 8am til midnight or so SLT.




I love a man who can beg, who knows how to lick a woman's boots.

What Drives Me Wild

To ride one’s face, grinding my wet heat into one’s lips and tongue gets me hot.

To drag my long nails over muscular shoulders and wrap a leg round your hips.

To be in charge of you for a time, makes me oh so very wet.


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