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Pearl (yakumo2yukari)


I am a small town girl in RL. I have many fantasies to fulfill in a safe sane environment. SL helps me achieve this with sanity. I aa different folks don't always understand. The shy girl who's a tiger in the bed. Don't underestimate the wall flower because she will bloom. I love to dance. I love to sit and talk, cuddles, Lap Dances and more. I have a vivid imagination and a very large sexual appetite. I have had a long and flavorful experience in SL. I strive to bring top satisfying time with any guest. I am open to most anything as far as play time or hanging out. Lets start building a lusty orgasmic party! I will do anything other then what Ive listed as a limit. But please ask to be sure. I am a BBG Submissive irl, I am a Avid RP'er. Set a scene lets play 🙂 Limits: NO Bestiality No Scat No Water Sports No Cutting No Rape Age play ( I am over 40 RL. I dont play under 18 with Daddy/BBG) No Fisting No Gang Bang

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