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12/16 – Triple Point Day

12/17 – Double points during the Christmas Masquerade and afterparty.  Submit up to 5 additional photos taken during masquerade and 5 additional photos taken during the after party. Total submit up to 15 photos for the day.

12/22 10 Point Day – Pandora Vanderbuilt – Catch Pandora in world for 10x the points.

12/24 – Unlimited photos! BUT every photo (after the normal 5) must contain a different girl.

12/26 – 10 Point Day – Harley – Catch Harley in world for 10x the points.

12/28 – 10 point day! Photos with Monarchy Playmate Kharma will be worth 10x the points!

Up Next:

1/1 – Last Day! Be strategic and you can easily swipe into first place.

  • Double Point Day
  • 2 10 point girls – Yujin & Akira Foxx

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And of course, first tips to our VIP group in world.

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