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Behind Closed Doors – Private Time With Your Favorite Girls


Behind Closed Doors – Private Time With Your Favorite Girls

Behind Closed Doors – Private Time With Your Favorite Girls

Throw yourself into The Monarchy and explore all the possibilities.

The Monarchy is your oasis and your options are limitless. We have an intimate atmosphere where our focus is on making true connections with our guests to fulfill your fantasies while sharing what drives us wild. Yes, we love a good party and you’ll be invited to them all but we also really enjoy getting to know all of our members, in and out of the bed ;).  This is one of the reasons The Monarchy remains member’s-only. We love a distraction-free environment so we can get to work on making your toes curl.

Upon entering the club at The Monarchy, we encourage all new guests to spend some time chatting with the girls, finding someone you’re comfortable with and of course one (or a few) who inspire plenty of sexual energy.  If you’re looking for private time you have options!

  1. Get a private dance – either in the club or a private room. Your girl is completely yours, free of the distractions of anyone else in the club
  2. Put those dancing shoes on – our members love to couples dance! Feel free to join your girl in a dance, strip her down and even bare some skin yourself if you like a bit of skin to skin contact. Rates can vary based on nudity.
  3. Get a massage! Treat yourself to some R&R. We have a massage room to get you comfortable and yes… we are strong believers in the happy ending
  4. Dabble in worship. We have a worship room across the club where you can let your submissive side out or even the second level of the club if you want to exhibit your dominance.
  5. Date Cabana – feeling romantic? Want a companion to spend time with and build a connection, have your date under the stars in the cabana. Dining options (tables equipped with eating food or ya know…each other), couples dancing and plenty of cuddles available.
  6. Take it to the beach! If you are an elite member be sure to take full advantage of your access to the Elite Beach. Plenty of places around the beach, hot tub, pool, stage…backstage to connect and the house is being remodeled so even more options for private suites.
  7. Champagne room – wanting to up the privacy you are welcomed to visit the Champagne Room, you will not be visible to anyone in the club and you will find poles to watch your girl dance, completely indulge in plenty of sexual act with her, a bed for play with one or multiple girls and of course plenty of spots for lapdances.  Elites have access at any point and can reserve the Champagne Room for completely private use. Monarchy VIPs can purchase hourly passes for $100L. The Champagne Room is member’s only 7-days a week, including open access day on Sunday.

The options are truly endless. Whether you want to escape with a couple of girls for a wild night or if you truly want to build a bond, you can have it all.

Feeling the opposite and looking to dive into the exhibitionist side of things? We have a full theater and stage to carry out some of the hottest sex shows, either open to our guests or invite only.

This is The Monarchy – where you decide how you want your fantasies to play out.

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