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Rental Decor

Units come unfurnished.  If you’d like to save the shopping or the time, The Monarchy offers decor options.

Below you will find existing decor options to choose from, if you’re looking for speedy and easy.  If you’d like to discuss your home’s design and come up with a truly custom concept, you’ll find available decorators at the Estate Landing.

Available Decor Options – $1,000L. Prims below will count against your prim allowance.

Custom decor: rates vary, depending on request.

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Home: Somerset Cottage or Americana Cottage – 500 prim allowance


Living Room 1 – 102 prims

Living Room 2 – 132

Kitchen/Dining 1 – 91 prims

Kitchen/Dining 2 – 156 prims

Bedroom 1 – 117 prims

Patio 1 – 38 prims

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