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The Monarchy – Quick Rules

Congrats getting through our online training! There is still a lot to be learned but best to dive right in to do so. Here are a couple things from training to keep in mind.

1. Always refer back to training – You still have access to your account. Be sure to reference back to the course if you have questions.If you passed successfully you will have a page with links to each section so you do not have to go through the entire thing to find the info you need.

2. If you still have unanswered questions after you consulted the FAQ from the training course, ask the Dancers Group and/or a manager online: Alysee or amyalka.

3. If you plan on going away from SL or the Club – Please send me a notecard mentioning you’ll be taking a break from the Club or SL. If you’re going away for undetermined time print screen your remaining time left on your board and attach it to the notecard you’re about to sent. KEEP IN MIND: If your board has UNDER 7 days that time won’t be saved. It has to be above 7 days to be saved. If you go away/out of the club for little while but you can keep your board online, we highly advise you to do so!

4. Sign up for your set on the schedule in the dressing room.

5. Login to a tip jar once you enter the club.

6. You can begin dancing on platforms, poles or the swings

7. If tipped $200+ (or $100+ during happy hour 2-4pm) invite your tipper to get more comfortable and lead them to a seat to continue your dance if they’d like to.

8. Send a notice – 1 per hour if you’re the only girl here. If one has been sent in the hour do not send another.

9. Send an IM to VIP GROUP – No one knows you’re here if you’re silent.

10. If you leave or are planning to leave, let dance group know AND let them know if you are leaving the club empty (never count Meela as a dancer. If she is the only one there the club is still without a dancer).

11. Be sure not to change textures of platforms or poles. If you do, change them back.

12. Remember the dress code. Remember not to change outfits or hairs in the club unless a client has gifted it to you.

13. Remember, your job is local chat. Keep it fun, keep convo going… get to know our guests.

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