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The Monarchy – Rates

     R A T E S

PER HOUR (Same rates apply for anything less than an hour)

    $200 – starts your dance
    $500 – topless
    $1000L – nude


  • *HAPPY HOUR – 2PM – 4PM SLT (ONLY STRIPPING RATES: Topples – 250 L$; Nude – 500 L$)
  • Couples Dance
    $800L/30 mins
    $1,2500/30 mins nude


  • Private Time/Dance – Just you and I (and your guests), no interruptions.
    1250 L$/30 min – 1500/30 min (no less than 1250 L$. If you’re already naked when he tips you for Private Time then you can remain naked and dance for him, but if you’re not naked, you’re not obligated to get naked, you can wait for him to tip you more and get naked – depends on you and your client)


  • Lapdances/Massages/Happy endings
    (I like getting verrrry touchy during lap dances)
    $1200L – gets you 30 mins of me on your lap and your hands wherever you please or a massage.
    $1,500 – Topless Lapdance/massage
    $1,700 – Nude Lapdance/massage/blow job


  • Hand Jobs & Blow Jobs – You are not required to give Blow Jobs or Handjobs. Make note of it in your services. 
  • Hand jobs – between $1,000-$1,300/ 30 mins
  • Blow Jobs – between $1,300-$1,500/ 30 mins


  • 3,000 L$/Hour – Use this rate if you’re on your Consideration Week, once you’re a Playmate you can use 4,000 L$/Hour or more (depends on you and your clients)
  • 3+Somes
    Additional 2,000 L$ – 3,500$L/additional male
    +$1,500 – non monarchy female


  • Non Sex Dates/Role Play
  • Date night, nudity if you’d like
    If you’d like me to join you on a RP sim
    2+ hours $1,800/hr


  • Weekly Rates
    Between: $10,000-$25,000 (No Sex or with Sex – Depends on you and your tag)
    I’m your girlfriend, wife, personal sexpot, whatever you want. This includes dates, sex with no time limits as much as you want, given that we’re both available. At least 2 guaranteed sex sessions and can also include dates out dancing, sailing, hanging out, role playing where ever you’d like, watching movies, etc. The options are limitless.


  • Partnership
    Between: $15,000-$30,000
  • If your client wants to be partnered with you – listed as your partner in your profile and receive the above services.The full wife/girlfriend experience but also partnered in SL. Also available for limited RL texting. Many girls also give their client some sort of outside SL communication. ie providing them your Kik or sideline number. Not to constantly chat but as a way to communicate if they can’t get online.
  • *Because of the intimacy required, its advised that you do not accept too many weekly clients unless you can make the time commitment.


  • Voice – 1900/30 min minimum
  • Cam – 2500/30 min minimum
  • Pics – 500 L$ min/per pic
  • Me watching YOU on cam with text – $10,000L/30 mins (minimum)
  • Dommination -5,000 L$/hour (minimum)





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