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The Perfect Monarchy Girl

Who is the ultimate Monarchy Girl?

We are looking for the type of girl you can’t just find anywhere in SL (or not very easily). Someone who takes pride in themselves, their work and where they work. We want someone who sees this as a business, wants to set high goals for herself and finds fun in the hard work that comes along with it.

We’re basically saying, we’re looking for BOSS women.

At The Monarchy, we believe each and every girl has the potential to build a consistent and strong stream of revenue for themselves while doing what they love. We have, what we call, The Monarchy formula to bring that out in every girl who shows interest in it and also works towards it.

We want girls who are:

  • Talented – Escorting/Dancing is more than standing around looking hot. We want strong writers who have the ability to create a very sexy scene. We also want girls who shine when they walk in the room. They’re great at showing off their personality, making connections that are lasting, and really driving fun and personable conversations. They’re also good at being inclusive… they’re not the girls that have to fight for attention yet they shine, but not by stepping on other’s toes.


  • Team Players – We want girl who understand we are the sum of our parts. That she can set higher and higher goals if shes on a winning team. This is a competitive environment, but we need the girl who understands her strongest competition is on her team and understands having the best right in the building with her will move the entire team forward. We want the girl who looks at that as an opportunity to set higher goals and strive forward.


  • Ambitious – We want girls with high goals. If you can’t aim high, you won’t get there. If your ambition includes The Monarchy, we will help you get to whatever goals you set for yourself as long as you’re able to communicate them. If you’re too afraid to speak up, you will really miss out.


  • Loyal – We want girls who understand our mission and aligns her goals with them. We want girls we can trust to represent The Monarchy, who we can trust with our rules, customs and clients. We will move heaven and earth for a girl who is loyal and trustworthy but we will not even keep someone who is not.


  • Innovative & Reactive – We want girls full of ideas who are willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work. Ideas with no work are critiques with no benefit. We are an environment where, if you want to see something new, you have the power to make it happen but not by sitting back and waiting for others to move on it.


  • Trendsetter – We love a girl who looks great, takes pride in her appearance and is always improving and understanding the latest trends for avatars, style and beauty and of course, reaching out if you need help.


  • Sexy, Sensual, and Classy – We want the ultimate lady in the streets, freak in the sheets. We’ll never call you whores, we might all having a liking to that behind the bedroom door but we want women who carry themselves with respect and who look the part but are also shamelessly sensual and get genuine excitement from what we do.

And above all, we need a responsible, reliable girl who knows how to communicate. Can we depend on you to set a schedule that will give you a presence here? Can we depend on you to communicate with our VIP group so your name is known? Can we depend on you to show up for your sets? To step up when we need you? To make your weekly goals? To communicate when you know you will not be able to? To make sure management knows your goals to help you reach them? To communicate whenever you need help with something beyond what has been provided?

Are you a Monarchy girl?
If so, we will be excited to have you no matter what skill level you are on. If you want it. If you will work for it.


Featured – Arianna


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